“22nd PSCC 2022 papers submission and review platform


Procedure to submit an abstract to the PSCC 2022:
Abstracts have to be submitted as a 1-page paper using the template provided further down in this page. Please, make reference to the procedure explained in the following.

Procedure to submit an abstract:
    1. Click on the link "Make abstract submission".
    2. In the page that will show up, fill-in all the fields of the form, choose a password and submit the information by clicking on the "Make Submission" button.
    3. Upon the form submission, you will receive an email with the submission ID that you can use along with the password you have chosen to make future changes to this submission using the "Edit abstract submission" link that you find in the main page.
    4. To finally upload the 1-page PDF file to submission, click on the "Upload abstract PDF" link in the main page and upload the file using your submission ID and password. The template for the abstract are provided here below.
    In case of problems, please contact us.

Templates for the PSCC 2022 abstract:


Review & Program Committees:


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