“22nd PSCC 2022 papers submission and review platform

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S07: Power System Protection II

Tuesday, 28 June 2022
13:30 - 15:30

Chair: Leonel Magalhães Carvalho

Fault Indicator Placement Optimization using the Cross-Entropy Method and Traffic Simulation Data
Manuela Cardoso
Lucas Venturini
Yago Baracy
Igor Ulisses
Leonardo Bremermann
Ahda Grilo
Leonel Carvalho
Diego Issicaba
New Technique for Fault Location in Distribution Systems Using Sincrophasor Voltages
Diego Cordova
Miguel Moreto
Single-Ended Multi-Method Phasor-Based Approach for Optimized Fault Location on Transmission Lines
Felipe Lopes
Eduardo Leite Jr
João Paulo Ribeiro
Artur Piardi
Allan Scheid
Guilherme Zat
Renzo Espinoza
Correlation-Based Single-Ended Traveling Wave Fault Location Methods: A Key Settings Parametric Sensitivity Analysis
Raphael Reis
Felipe Lopes
How Much ``Villain" is the Anti-Aliasing Filter for Traveling Wave-Based Fault Location Methods?
Felipe Lopes
David Facina
Flávio Costa
Karcius Dantas
Kleber Melo
Raphael Reis


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