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Power Systems Computation Conference 2024

Proceedings of the 23rd Power Systems Computation Conference - PSCC 2024

965 A Bayesian Approach to Estimate the Capacity Factor of Offshore Wind Farms on the Brazilian Coast
José Pessanha, Victor Almeida, Albert Melo, Maria Maceira, Mario Mendonça, Luis Medrano

421 A Bayesian Hierarchical Model to Create Power Synthetic Distribution Systems
Henrique Caetano, Luiz Desuó, Matheus Fogliatto, Vitor Ribeiro, José Balestieri, Carlos Maciel

495 A Fault Ride-Through Strategy for Grid-Forming Converters Under Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Grid Faults
Xianxian Zhao, Xavier Kestelyn, Damian Flynn

471 A Flexible Loss Reduction Formulation for Simultaneous Capacitor Placement and Network Reconfiguration in Distribution Grids
Meisam Mahdavi, Augustine Awaafo, Mohsen Dini, Siamak Moradi, Francisco Jurado, David Vera

793 A Forecast-Driven Stochastic Optimization Method for Proactive Activation of Manual Reserves
Julien Allard, Adriano Arrigo, Jérémie Bottieau, Gilles Bertrand, Zacharie De Grève, François Vallée

220 A generalized time-domain framework for modeling and analysis of the unbalanced three-phase systems
Ali Tayyebi, Weichi Zhang, Helen-Xing Huang, Wene-Wen Jiang, Dierk Bormann, Mats Larsson

425 A Heuristic-Based Method for Setting Synchronous Distributed Generators Excitation System Parameters to Improve Islanding Detection
Rodrigo de Barros Iscuissati, Moisés Junior Batista Borges Davi, José Carlos Melo Vieira, Daniel Motter

484 A hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithm for Mixed-Integer Optimization in Power Systems
Petros Ellinas, Samuel Chevalier, Spyros Chatzivasiliadis

596 A Model-less Approach for the Optimal Coordination of Renewable Energy Sources and DC Links in Low-Voltage Distribution Networks
Álvaro Rodríguez del Nozal, Manuel Barragán-Villarejo, Francisco de Paula García López, Goran Dobric, Juan Manuel Mauricio, José María Maza-Ortega, Predrag Stefanov

300 A Neural Network-Based Classifier for Identifying and Locating Neutral Wire Breaks in Low Voltage Distribution Networks
Rubén Carmona-Pardo, Álvaro Rodríguez del Nozal, Esther Romero-Ramos

379 A New Comprehensive Framework for Cascading Outage Simulation in Power Systems
Moossa Khodadadi Arpanahi, Florin Capitanescu

38 A Novel Surrogate Polytope Method for Day-ahead Virtual Power Plant Scheduling with Joint Probabilistic Constraints
Yihong Zhou, Chaimaa Essayeh, Thomas Morstyn

653 A Parallelized, Adam-Based Solver for Reserve and Security Constrained AC Unit Commitment
Samuel Chevalier

24 A practical modeling of circuit breakers with unknown statuses in generalized state estimators
Claudio Fuerte-Esquivel, Ricardo Martinez-Parrales, Omar Romay, Boris Alcaide-moreno

204 A Quasi-Static Time-Series Approach to Assess the Impact of High Distributed Energy Resources Penetration on Transmission System Expansion Planning
Hussein Suprême, Martin de Montigny, Octavio Ramos-Leaños , Mouhamadou Makhtar Dione, Nicolas Compas

326 A Stiffness-Oriented Model Order Reduction Method for Low-Inertia Power Systems
Simon Muntwiler, Ognjen Stanojev, Andrea Zanelli, Gabriela Hug, Melanie N. Zeilinger

473 A Stochastic Market-based Clearing Approach in Active Distribution Networks by Using Interval Optimization
Augusto C. Rueda-Medina, Rafael S. Ferraz, Renato S. Ferraz, Oureste Elias Batista

184 AC Power Flow Feasibility Restoration via a State Estimation-Based Post-Processing Algorithm
Daniel Molzahn, Babak Taheri

252 AC-DC Security-Constrained Optimal Power Flow for the Australian National Electricity Market
Ghulam Mohy ud din, Rahmat Heidari, Hakan Ergun, Frederik Geth

892 Accelerating Optimal Power Flow with GPUs: SIMD Abstraction of Nonlinear Programs and Condensed-Space Interior-Point Methods
Sungho Shin, François Pacaud, Mihai Anitescu

831 Active Filter Parameter Tuning Method for Harmonic Voltage Mitigation in Wind Power Plants
Shuting Li, Jingxuan Wu, Juan C. Vasquez, Josep M. Guerrero, Peter Palensky, Aleksandra Lekic

57 Adaptive Facet Selection in Multidimensional Hosting Capacity Region Assessment
Sicheng Gong, Sjef Cobben

583 Admittance Matrix Estimation of Radial Distribution Grids using Power and Voltage Magnitude Measurements
Mohammad Rayati, Mokhtar Bozorg, Omid Alizadeh-Mousavi

850 An ADP Framework for Flexibility and Cost Aggregation: Guarantees and Open Problems
Maísa Beraldo Bandeira, Timm Faulwasser, Alexander Engelmann

9 An Incentive Regulation Approach for Balancing Stakeholder Interests in Transmission Investment
Yuxin Xia, Iacopo Savelli, Thomas Morstyn

1188 An Integer Clustering Approach for Modeling Large-Scale EV Fleets with Guaranteed Performance
Sijia Geng, Thomas Lee, Dharik Mallapragada, Audun Botterud

853 An iterative approach to grid topology and redispatch optimization in congestion management
Andrea Ewerszumrode, Niklas Erle, Simon Krahl, Albert Moser

716 An Open-Source Parallel EMT Simulation Framework
Min Xiong, Bin Wang, Deepthi Vaidhynathan, Jonathan Maack, Matthew Reynolds, Andy Hoke, Kai Sun, Deepak Ramasubramanian, Vishal Verma, Jin Tan

394 An OpenStreetMaps based tool to study the energy demand and emissions impact of electrification of medium and heavy duty freight trucks
Nawaf Nazir, Bowen Huang, Shant Mahserejian

796 Analysis of Faulted Power System with Fault Current Limiter Using Compensation Current Method
Rohit S. Thute, Himanshu J. Bahirat, S. A. Khaparde

147 Analyzing Impact of Network Constraints on Feasible Operation Region of the Radial Distribution Networks
Akhtar Hussain Javed, Bart van der Holst, Phuong H. Nguyen, Johan Morren, J.G. Slootweg

45 Approximating Hydropower Systems by Feasibility Spaces in Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
Arild Helseth

1190 Approximating Voltage Stability Boundary Under High Variability of Renewables Using Differential Geometry
Dan Wu, Franz-Erich Wolter, Sijia Geng

731 Assessing the Impact of DER on the Expansion of Low-Carbon Power Systems Under Deep Uncertainty
Pablo Apablaza, Sebastián Püschel Løvengreen, Rodrigo Moreno, Sleiman Mhanna, Pierluigi Mancarella

629 Asset Bundling for Hierarchical Forecasting of Wind Power Generation
Hanyu Zhang, Mathieu Tanneau, Chaofan Huang, V. Roshan Joseph, Shangkun Wang, Pascal Van Hentenryck

607 Automatically Optimized Component Model Computation for Power System Simulation on GPU
Marcel Mittenbühler, Junjie Zhang, Andrea Benigni

939 Balancing the Great British Electricity System – Bulk Dispatch Optimisation
Waqquas Bukhsh, Andrei Bejan

642 Bucketized Active Sampling for Learning ACOPF
Michael Klamkin, Mathieu Tanneau, Terrence Mak, Pascal Van Hentenryck

414 Calculation Method Based on Analytical Formulas for Inrush Currents and Voltage Dips of Three-Phase Transformers: Energization from Delta-connected Side
Rikido Yonezawa, Shoji Kawasaki

849 Can We Compute The Worst Voltage Case Under Power Flows Uncertainty at TSO-DSO Interfaces?
Florin Capitanescu

668 Cascading Blackout Severity Prediction with Statistically-Augmented Graph Neural Networks
Joe Gorka, Tim Hsu, Wenting Li, Yury Maximov, Line Roald

142 Causality-based Cost Allocation for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Distribution System
Hyun Joong Kim, Yong Hyun Song, Jip Kim

787 Certification of MPC-based zonal controler security properties using accuracy-aware machine learning proxies
Pierre HOUDOUIN, Manuel RUIZ, Lucas Saludjian, Patrick PANCIATICI

42 Circuit-theoretic Joint Parameter-State Estimation — Balancing Optimality and AC Feasibility
Peng Sang, Amritanshu Pandey

1189 Co-optimizing Transmission and BESS Expansions with System Strength Constraints
Juan Pablo Cerda, Claudia Rahmann, Rodrigo Moreno, Luis Moran

215 Comparing IEC and WECC Generic Dynamic Models for Type 4 Wind Turbines
Martin Franke, Adrien Guironnet, Carmen Cardozo

164 Complex Frequency Divider
Ignacio Ponce, Federico Milano

152 Computation of Ultra-Short-Term Prediction Intervals of the Power Prosumption in Active Distribution Networks
Plouton Grammatikos, Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Fabrizio Sossan, Mario Paolone

196 Conceptual Framework for Determining the Treewidth of Distribution Grids
Andrew Eliseev, Florian Steinke

50 Conformal Prediction for Stochastic Decision-Making of PV Power in Electricity Markets
Yvet Renkema, Nico Brinkel, Tarek Alskaif

693 Considerations and Design Goals for Unbalanced Optimal Power Flow Benchmarks
Archie Chapman, Frederik Geth, Rahmat Heidari, Jordan Clark

73 Constraint-Driven Deep Learning for N-k Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow
Bastien Giraud, Ali Rajaei, Jochen Cremer

132 Contingency Analysis with Warm Starter using Probabilistic Graphical Model
Shimiao Li, Amritanshu Pandey, Larry Pileggi

23 Convolutional Neural Network-Assisted Fault Detection and Location Using Few PMUs
Ali Abur, Tuna Yildiz

998 Cyber-Physical Modeling and Vulnerability Assessment of Substations for Transmission System Operator
Shashank S, Gurunath Gurrala, Sastry P S, Vaibhav Katewa

701 Data-Driven Adaptive Predictive Frequency Control for Power Systems with Unknown and Time-Varying Inertia
Yunzheng Zhao, Tao Liu, David Hill

294 Data-driven Forced Oscillation Localization using Inferred Impulse Responses
Shaohui Liu, Hao Zhu, Vassilis Kekatos

516 Decentralized Micro Water-Energy Co-Optimization for Small Communities
Jesus Silva-Rodriguez , Xingpeng Li

587 Decision-Focused Learning under Decision Dependent Uncertainty for Power Systems with Price-Responsive Demand
Petros Ellinas, Vassilis Kekatos, Georgios Tsaousoglou

598 Decomposed Phase Analysis for DER Hosting Capacity in Unbalanced Distribution Feeders
Hani Mavalizadeh, Mads Almassalkhi

256 Design of a Machine Learning Model to Enhance the Arming of the System Integrity Protection Scheme of the Brazilian North-Southeast HVDC Bipoles
Lucas Zanella, Bryan Ambrosio, Guido Moraes, Ildemar Decker, Antonio Aquino, Diego Issicaba

1016 Development of Fault Location Functions in a Real Digital Fault Recorder: Computational Strategies and Validation
Felipe Lopes, Eduardo Leite Jr, Guilherme Zat, Allan Scheid, Moisés Davi, Raphael Reis, Paulo Godoy, Nicolas Pierim, Guilherme Justino, Jonas Souza, Mario Oleskovicz

135 Development of Self-adaptive Digital Twin for Battery Monitoring and Management System
Kun Fu, Thomas Hamacher, Vedran Peric

111 DiffPLF: A Conditional Diffusion Model for Probabilistic Forecasting of EV Charging Load
Siyang Li, Hui Xiong, Yize Chen

942 Distributed Battery Dispatch for Uncertainty Mitigation in Renewable Microgrids
Sunash Sharma, Jonathan Lee, Duncan Callaway

15 Distributed Differentially Private Energy Management of Virtual Power Plants
Mingyu Huang, Xueyuan Cui, Yi Wang

562 Distributed Economic Model Predictive Control for the Joint Energy Dispatch of Wind Farms and Run-of-the-River Hydropower Plants
Luca Santosuosso, Simon Camal, Arthur Lett, Guillaume Bontron, Georges Kariniotakis

319 Distributed Sequential Optimal Power Flow under Uncertainty in Power Distribution Systems: A Data-driven Approach
Georgios Tsaousoglou, Petros Ellinas, Juan Giraldo, Emmamouel Varvarigos

625 Dual Conic Proxies for AC Optimal Power Flow
Guancheng Qiu, Mathieu Tanneau, Pascal Van Hentenryck

129 Dynamic Ancillary Services: From Grid Codes to Transfer Function-Based Converter Control
Verena Häberle, Linbin Huang, Xiuqiang He, Eduardo Prieto-Araujo, Florian Dörfler

815 Dynamic Equivalent Representation for Symmetrical Short-Circuit Analysis of Power Systems with Power Electronics
Jie Song, Josep Arévalo-Soler, Marc Cheah-Mane, Eduardo Prieto-Araujo, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt

591 Dynamic Functional Connectivity Graph for Assessing Cascading Events in Power System
Tabia Ahmad, Panagiotis N Papadopoulos

491 Efficient Quantification and Representation of Aggregate Flexibility of Electric Vehicles
Nanda Kishor Panda, Simon H. Tindemans

618 Electrifying Thermal Loads vs. Installing Batteries: A Case Study on Fast Frequency Resource Potentials of the Victorian Power System
Johanna Vorwerk, Isam Saedi, Pierluigi Mancarella, Gabriela Hug

1123 Empowering Offshore Wind with ES-STATCOM for Stability Margin Improvement and Provision of Grid-Forming Capabilities
Anant Narula, Paul Imgart, Massimo Bongiorno, Mebtu Beza

552 Energy Management of Airport Service Electric Vehicles to Match Renewable Generation through Dynamic Programming
Renjie Wei, Yishen Wang, Fei Zhou

702 Energy Storage Arbitrage in Two-settlement Markets: A Transformer-Based Approach
Saud Alghumayjan, Jiajun Han, Ningkun Zheng, Ming Yi, Bolun Xu

605 Enhanced Frequency Containment Reserve Provision from Battery Hybridized Hydropower Plants: Theory and Experimental Validation
Francesco Gerini, Elena Vagnoni, Martin Seydoux, Rachid Cherkaoui, Mario Paolone

1153 Enhancing Computation Performance of Rational Approximation for Frequency-Dependent Network Equivalents with Parallelism and Complex Vector Fitting
Alexandre A. Kida, Felipe N. F. Dicler, Thomas M. Campello, Loan T.F.W. Silva, Antonio C.S. Lima, Fernando A. Moreira, Robson F.S. Dias, Glauco N. Taranto

870 Enhancing the AC network stability with a grid-forming control for single-stage PV inverter
Jaume Girona-Badia, Vinícius Albernaz Lacerda, Eduardo Prieto-Araujo, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt

264 Ensuring Data Privacy in AC Optimal Power Flow with a Distributed Co-Simulation Framework
Xinliang Dai, Alexander Kocher, Jovana Kovacevic, Burak Dindar, Yuning Jiang, Colin Jones, Hüseyin Çakmak, Veit Hagenmeyer

54 Estimation of Aggregated Inertia Constant and Load Damping: A PMU-Based Analytical Approach
Hêmin Golpîra, Bruno Francois, Bogdan Marinescu, Hassan Bevrani

754 Evaluating the Offshore Wind Business Case and Green Hydrogen Production: A Case Study of a Future North Sea Offshore Grid
Hossein Farahmand, Sander Holt Günther, Martin Kristiansen

970 Experimental Investigation of Repurposed Kaplan Turbines as Variable-Speed Propellers for Maximizing Frequency Containment Reserve
Francesco Gerini, Elena Vagnoni, Martin Seydoux, Rachid Cherkaoui, Mario Paolone

540 Experimental Validation of a Grid-Aware Optimal Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids
Willem Lambrichts, Jules Macé, Mario Paolone

1172 Fast Frequency Regulation of Virtual Power Plants via Droop Reset Integral Control
Vishal Shenoy, Paul Serna-Torre, Dave Schoenwald, Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez, Jorge Poveda

973 Fault Indicator Placement in Distribution Systems: Improving the Criteria of Quality of Service
John Valencia, João de Araújo, Wandry Rodrigues, Benvindo Pereira

1086 Fault Indicators Allocation to Maximize the Performance of a Fault Locator Based on Artificial Intelligence
Juan Marin Quintero, Cesar Orozco Henao, Andres Herrera Orozco

170 Feature-Driven Strategies for Trading Wind Power and Hydrogen
Emil Helgren, Jalal Kazempour, Lesia Mitridati

1121 Finding a Closest Saddle-Node Bifurcation in Power Systems: An Approach by Unsupervised Deep Learning
Alexander Marcial, Magnus Perninge

634 Flexibility modeling for parking lots with multiple EV charging stations
Tohid Harighi, Alberto Borghetti, Fabio Napolitano, Fabio Tossani

546 Frequency Regulation Feasible Region Assessment and Optimization of Wind Farm Based on Data-Driven Model Predictive Control
Jiachen Liu, Zhongguan Wang, Li Guo, Shunqi Zeng, Minghui Chen, Chengshan Wang

21 Graph-Learning-Assisted State Estimation Using Sparse Heterogeneous Measurements
Ali Abur, Han Yue, Wentao Zhang, Ugur Yilmaz, Tuna Yildiz, Heqing Huang, Hongfu Liu, Yuzhang Lin

64 Grid-aware Flexibility Aggregation for Zonal Balancing Markets
Efthymios Karangelos, Anthony Papavasiliou

460 Grid-Cognizant TSO and DSO Coordination Framework for Active and Reactive Power Flexibility Exchange: The Swiss Case Study
Mohsen Kalantar Neyestanaki, Rachid Cherkaoui

357 Heuristic Algorithms for Placing Geomagnetically Induced Current Blocking Devices
Minseok Ryu, Ahmed Attia, Arthur Barnes, Russell Bent, Sven Leyffer, Adam Mate

470 Hierarchical Coordination Scheme for Voltage-Aware Fast Frequency Provision with Flexible Loads
Johanna Vorwerk, Carlo Tajoli, Gabriela Hug

775 Hierarchical Provision of Distribution Grid Flexibility with Online Feedback Optimization
Florian Klein-Helmkamp, Irina Zettl, Florian Schmidtke, Lukas Ortmann, Andreas Ulbig

589 Hosting Capacity Maximization of Distributed Energy Resources through Simultaneous Optimized Volt-Var Curve and Network Reconfiguration
Brenda Leal Mota Santos, Luciano Sales Barros, Fernando Augusto Moreira, Daniel Barbosa

344 Identification of the critical cluster of generators by during fault transient angle trajectory estimation for transient stability analysis
Alireza Bahmanyar, Laurine Duchesne, Gautier Dekeyne, Remy Clement, Quentin Gemine, Patrick Panciatici , Damien Ernst

743 Impact of current limiters and fast voltage boosters in grid-forming VSC-based generators on transient stability
Régulo Enrique Ávila Martínez, Javier Renedo, Luis Rouco, Aurelio García Cerrada, Lukas Sigrist, Xavier Guillaud, Taoufik Qoria

880 Impedance Modeling of Low-Voltage Cables considering Capacitances and Parameter Uncertainty using Finite-Element Method
Max Murglat, Simon Krahl, Andreas Ulbig

28 Implementation and Validation of a Dual P- and M- Class Compliant PMU Prototype Based on the Delayed In-Quadrature Interpolated DFT
César García Veloso, Mario Paolone, José María Maza Ortega, Alexandra Cameron Karpilow

58 Improved Algebraic Inverter Modelling for Four-Wire Power Flow Optimization
Rahmat Heidari, Frederik Geth

19 Improving Voltage and Frequency Control of DERs Through Dynamic Power Compensation
Rodrigo Bernal Soto, Federico Milano

508 Inferring Electric Vehicle Charging Patterns from Smart Meter Data for Impact Studies
Feng Li, Élodie Campeau, Ilhan Kocar, Antoine Lesage-Landry

656 Initial Estimate of AC Optimal Power Flow with Graph Neural Networks
Azad Deihim, Dimitra Apostolopoulou, Eduardo Alonso

89 Initializing EMT models of grid forming VSCs in MTDC systems
Ahmad Allabadi, Jean Mahseredjian, Keijo Jacobs, Sébastien Dennetière, Ilhan Kocar, Tarek Ould-Bachir

136 Intelligent Alarm Flood Management for Power Systems
Georgios Mitrentsis, Sussane Schmitt, David Marino, Jhelum Chakravorty, Giancarlo Dalle Ave, Feaza Hafiz, Antony Hilliard

233 Interpretable Short-Term Load Forecasting via Multi-Scale Temporal Decomposition
YUQI JIANG, Yize Chen, Yan Li

623 Interpreting the Value of Flexibility in AC Security-Constrained Transmission Expansion Planning via a Cooperative Game Framework
Andrey Churkin, Wangwei Kong, Mohammad Iman Alizadeh, Florin Capitanescu, Pierluigi Mancarella, Eduardo Alejandro Martinez Cesena

612 Intertemporal Uncertainty Management in Gas-Electric Energy Systems using Stochastic Finite Volumes
Saif Kazi, Kaarthik Sundar, Sidhant Misra, Svetlana Tokareva, Anatoly Zlotnik

577 Introducing price feedback of local flexibility markets into distribution network planning
Michael Lustenberger, Federica Bellizio, Hanmin Cai, Philipp Heer, Charalampos Ziras

306 Investigation of Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Converter Multi-Machine Interactions Under Different Control Architectures
Luke Benedetti, Alexandros Paspatis, Panagiotis N. Papadopoulos, Agustí Egea-Álvarez, Nikos Hatziargyriou

758 Investment Planning Framework for Mitigating Cascading Failures
Balaji Venkateswaran Venkatasubramanian, Sina Hashemi, Rodrigo Moreno, Pierluigi Mancarella, Mathaios Panteli

146 Learning to Bid in Forward Electricity Markets Using a No-Regret Algorithm
Arega Getaneh Abate, Dorsa Majdi, Jalal Kazempour, Maryam Kamgampour

119 Learning a Reward Function for User-Preferred Appliance Scheduling
Nikolina Čović, Jochen Cremer, Hrvoje Pandžić

130 Learning Optimal Power Flow Value Functions with Input-Convex Neural Networks
Andrew Rosemberg, Mathieu Tanneau, Bruno Fanzeres, Joaquim Garcia, Pascal Van Hentenryck

127 Learning Probability Distributions over Georeferenced Distribution Grid Models
Domenico Tomaselli, Paul Stursberg, Michael Metzger, Florian Steinke

1156 Linear Optimal Power Flow Model for Modern Distribution Systems: Management of Normally Closed Loop Grids and On-Load Tap Changers
Marco Rossi, Giacomo Viganò, Matteo Rossini

709 Linearized Optimal Power Flow for Multiphase Radial Networks with Delta Connections
Geunyeong Byeon, Minseok Ryu, Kibaek Kim

748 Load Redistribution Attack for Power Systems with High Penetration of EVs
Zelin Liu, Tao Liu, Yue Song, David Hill

382 Locating Branch Points in Power Flow Problems using the Integral Approximation Method
Rastko Zivanovic

407 Logic-Based Explanations of Imbalance Price Forecasts using Boosted Trees
Jérémie Bottieau, Gilles Audemard, Steve Bellart, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis, Nicolas Szczepanski, J.-F. Toubeau

333 Long Duration Battery Sizing, Siting, and Operation Under Wildfire Risk Using Progressive Hedging
Ryan Piansky, Georgia Stinchfield, Alyssa Kody, Daniel Molzahn, Jean-Paul Watson

75 Long Solution Times or Low Solution Quality: On Trade-Offs in Choosing a Power Flow Formulation for the Optimal Power Shutoff Problem
Noah Rhodes, Eric Haag, Line Roald

744 Low voltage reconfiguration: a comparison of metaheuristic and mathematical programming approaches
Sari Kerckhove, Reinhilde D'hulst, Dirk Van Hertem

673 Machine Learning Approaches for Predictions of CO2 Emissions in the Building Sector
Spyros Giannelos, Federica Bellizio, Goran Strbac, Tai Zhang

630 Managing Power Balance and Reserve Feasibility in the AC Unit Commitment Problem
Robert Parker, Carleton Coffrin

419 Maximum Lyapunov Exponent Based Nearest Neighbour Algorithm For Real-Time Transient Stability Assessment
Sayyeda Umbereen Bano, Mehrdad Ghandhari, Robert Eriksson

955 Methodology to Accelerate the Statistical Assessment Process of Evaluating the Transmission Line Lightning Performance
Rodolfo Antônio Ribeiro de Moura, Alex Junior Cunha Coelho, Fernando Aparecido Assis, Marco Aurélio Oliveira Schroeder, Henrique Franco Dalgalarrondo, Ali Hooshyar

822 Methods for Incorporating Digital Controllers in Power System Dynamic Simulations
Mehran Jafari, Gautier Bureau, Marco Chiaramello, Adrien Guironnet, Patrick Panciatici, Petros Aristidou

1181 Mitigation of the Commutation Failure Problem in the HVDC Multi-Infeed Scenario in Brazil Using Synchronized Phasor Measurement
Rafael / de Oliveira Fernandes, Maria / Cristina dias Tavares

1029 Modal Propagation Analysis with Participation Factors of Complex Frequency Variables
Dionysios Moutevelis, Georgios Tzounas, Javier Roldán-Pérez, Federico Milano

150 Modeling and Contribution of Flexible Heating Systems for Transmission Grid Congestion Management
David Kröger, Milijana Teodosic, Christian Rehtanz

879 Modeling Manual Corrective Actions in Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages
Shahabeddin Kamyab, Pierre-Etienne Labeau, Pierre Henneaux

528 Modeling the Impact of End-User Flexibility and Bill Structure on Future Transmission Grid Loading
Adriano Arrigo, Caroline Leroi, Arnaud Vergnol, Jonathan Sprooten, François Vallée

185 Modelling FACTS Controllers in Fast-Decoupled State Estimation
Elizete Lourenco, Cristina Ferreira Hasler, Renan Portelinha, Odilon Tortelli

1025 Modelling of Electromagnetic Transients in Multi-Unit High-Voltage Circuit-Breakers
Antoine Mailhot, Ryszard Pater, Sébastien Poirier, Jean Mahseredjian, René Doche

267 Monitoring Systemic Dynamic Effects following Disturbances affecting HVDC Power Transmission in the BIPS using WAMS Infrastructure
Daniel Silva, Guido Moraes, Leandro Penna, Ildemar Decker, Antonio Aquino, Diego Issicaba

675 Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for Multi-area Power Exchange
Jiachen Xi, Alfredo Garcia, Yu Christine Chen, Roohallah Khatami

926 Multi-Plant Hydro Power Production Function Modeling: Application to the Stochastic Mid-Term Hydrothermal Planning Problem
Pedro Lira, André Diniz, Carmen Borges

287 Multi-timescale Coordinated Distributed Energy Resource Control Combining Local and Online Feedback Optimization
Sen Zhan, Johan Morren, Wouter van den Akker, Anne van der Molen, Nikolas G. Paterakis, J. G. Slootweg

148 Multistage Day-Ahead Scheduling of Energy and Reserves
Mariana Rodrigues, Alexandre Street, José Manuel Arroyo

937 Multistage Stochastic Program for Mitigating Power System Risks under Wildfire Disruptions
Hanbin Yang, Haoxiang Yang, Noah Rhodes, Line Roald, Lewis Ntaimo

1007 Multivariate Federated Tree-based Forecasting Combining Resilience and Privacy: Application to Distributed Energy Resources
Lukas Stippel, Simon Camal, Georges Kariniotakis

907 Near-Optimal Solutions for Day-Ahead Unit Commitment
James Ostrowski, Dominic Yang, Bernard Knueven , Jean Paul Watson

760 Network-Secure Aggregator Operating Regions with Flexible Dispatch Envelopes in Unbalanced Systems
James Russell, Paul Scott, Jose Iria

76 Nodal Operating Envelopes vs. Network-wide Constraints: What is better for network-safe coordination of DERs?
Hannah Moring, Sunho Jang, Necmiye Ozay, Johanna Mathieu

936 Node Breaker Model Based Transient Stability Simulations including Protective Devices Modeling and Time Coordination
Vibhuti Sahu, Gurunath Gurrala, Sanjeev Bangali, Sarasij Das

354 Non-cooperative Games to Control Learned Inverter Dynamics of Distributed Energy Resources
Paul Serna-Torre, Vishal Shenoy, David Schoenwald, Jorge Poveda, Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez

187 Non-Stationarity in Multiagent Reinforcement Learning in Electricity Market Simulation
Charles Renshaw-Whitman, Viktor Zobernig, Jochen Cremer, Laurens de Vries

565 Nonlinear Behavior in High-Frequency Aggregate Control of Thermostatically Controlled Loads
Ioannis Marios Granitsas, Ian Hiskens, Johanna Mathieu

764 Novel Estimation Framework for Short-Circuit Current Contribution of Type IV Wind Turbines at Transient and Steady-State of the Faults
Gabriel Miguel Gomes Guerreiro, Ramon Abritta, Kaio Vinicius Vilerá, Ranjan Sharma, Frank Martin, Guangya Yang

485 On Grid-Serving Grid Tariff Design in Local Energy Markets
Oliver Banovic, Klemens Schumann, Julius Zocher, Andreas Ulbig

82 On the Negative Correlation of Stochastic Voltage Dependent Loads
Muhammad Adeen, Federico Milano

104 Online Optimal Scheduling for Battery Swapping Charging Systems with Partial Delivery
Xu Yang, Bo Yang, Zhaojian Wang, Sicheng Liu, Kai Ma, Xiaoyuan Xu, Xinping Guan

646 Optimal allocation of Renewable Energy Systems in a Weak Distribution Network
Markus Miller, José Luis Paternina, Sergio F. Contreras, Camilo A. Cortes, Johanna M.A. Myrzik

538 Optimal EV Charging Scheduling at Electric Railway Stations Under Peak Load Constraints
Georgia Pierrou, Claudia Valero-De la Flor, Gabriela Hug

643 Optimal management of a microgrid Li-Ion battery considering non-linear losses using the Integer Zig-Zag formulation
Javier García-González, Salvador Guerrero García

949 Optimal Price Menu Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations providing Demand Response
Alix Dupont, Yezekael Hayel, Jean-Baptiste Breal, Panagiotis Andrianesis

798 Optimization of Cascaded Control Gains of Grid-Forming Based Energy Conversion System
Taoufik Qoria, Seif Eddine Ben Haoua, Hicham Fakham, Xavier Guillaud, Raul Santiago Munoz Aguilar

87 Optimizing Parameters in the DC Power Flow
Babak Taheri, Daniel Molzahn

400 Optimizing the Performance of a New Current Source Type Grid-Forming Modular Multilevel Converter Using Genetic Algorithms
Chen Jiang, Jhair Acosta, Aniruddha Gole

680 Oscillations-Aware Frequency Security Assessment via Efficient Worst-Case Frequency Nadir Computation
Yan Jiang, Hancheng Min, Baosen Zhang

651 Parallel Computing for Power System Climate Resiliency: Solving a Large-Scale Stochastic Capacity Expansion Problem with mpi-sppy
Tomas Valencia Zuluaga, Amelia Musselman, Jean-Paul Watson, Shmuel Oren

888 Physics-Informed Graph Neural Network for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Power Systems
Jules Authier, Rabab Haider, Anuradha Annaswamy, Florian Dörfler

386 Physics-Informed Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks for DC Blocker Placement
Hongwei Jin, Prasanna Balaprakash, Allen Zou, Pieter Ghysels, Aditi Krishnapriyan, Adam Mate, Arthur K Barnes, Russell Whitford Bent

705 Physics–Informed Neural Networks for Phase Locked Loop Transient Stability Assessment
Rahul Nellikkath, Ilgiz Murzakhanov, Spyros chatzivasileiadis, Andreas Venzke, Mohammad Kazem Bakhshizadeh

1134 PINNSim: A Simulator for Power System Dynamics based on Physics-Informed Neural Networks
Jochen Stiasny, Baosen Zhang, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis

198 Power Grid Parameter Estimation Without Phase Measurements: Theory and Empirical Validation
Jean-Sebastien Brouillon, Keith Moffat, Florian Dörfler, Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate

323 Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of Air-Source Heat Pump for Fast Frequency Response Applications
Ruihao Song, Anurag Mohapatra, Thomas Hamacher, Vedran Peric

503 Predictive Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems with Temperature Dependency
Tanmay Mishra, Amritanshu Pandey, Mads R. Almassalkhi

180 Prescribed Robustness in Optimal Power Flow
Robert Mieth, H. Vincent Poor

1119 Pricing of Short Circuit Current in High IBR-Penetrated System
Zhongda Chu, Jingyi Wu, Fei Teng

275 Privacy-Preserving Distributed Market Mechanism for Active Distribution Networks
Matthias Franke, Ognjen Stanojev, Lesia Mitridati, Gabriela Hug

179 Proactive Voltage Regulation in Distribution Systems with High Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources: A Centralized Control Approach Using Step Voltage Regulators
DANIEL LIMA, Jose Vieira

1227 Promises and Challenges of Grid Forming: Transmission System Operator, Manufacturer and Academic View Points
Carmen Cardoso, Thibault Prevost, Shun-Hsien Huang, Jingwei Lu, Nilesh Modi, Masaya Hishida, Xiaoming Li, Adil Abdalrahman, Pär Samuelsson, Thierry Van Cutsem, Yorgo Laba, Yahya Lamrani, Frederic Colas, Xavier Guillaud

167 Quantum Neural Networks for Power Flow Analysis
Zeynab Kaseb, Matthias Möller, Giorgio Tosti Balducci, Peter Palensky, Pedro P. Vergara

266 Real-Time Coordination of Integrated Transmission and Distribution Systems: Flexibility Modeling and Distributed NMPC Scheduling
Xinliang Dai, Yi Guo, Yuning Jiang, Colin Jones, Gabriela Hug, Veit Hagenmeyer

603 Real-time power scheduling through reinforcement learning from demonstrations
Shaohuai Liu, Jinbo Liu, Nan Yang, Yupeng Huang, Qirong Jiang, Yang Gao

898 Real-Time Risk Analysis with Optimization Proxies
Wenbo Chen, Mathieu Tanneau, Pascal Van Hentenryck

534 Real-Time Transient Stability Early Warning System using Graph Attention Networks
Arvid Rolander, Anton Ter Vehn, Robert Eriksson, Lars Nordström

27 Reliability Assessment Combining Importance Resampling and the Cross Entropy Method
Ivar Bjerkebak, Håkon Toftaker

659 Renewable Energy Sources Spatio-Temporal Scenarios Simulation under Influence of Climatic Phenomena
Gustavo Melo, Tuany Barcellos, Rafaela Ribeiro, Rafael Couto, Bruno Gusmão, Fernando Cyrino, Paula Maçaira, Bruno Fanzeres, Reinaldo Castro, Olavo Bet

582 Representative Days and Hours with Piecewise Linear Transitions for Power System Planning
Mojtaba Moradi-Sepahvand, Simon H. Tindemans

342 Revenue Stacking of BESSs in Wholesale and aFRR Markets with Delivery Guarantees
Ángel Paredes, José A. Aguado

375 Revisiting the Tripping Logic of the DER_A Model for Power System Stability Studies
Jorge Sancho, Francisco Escobar, Gustavo Valverde

842 Risk-aware Participation in Day-Ahead and Real-Time Balancing Markets for Energy Storage Systems
Emma Wessel, Ruben Smets, Erik Delarue

1015 Robust Partitioning and Operation for Maximal Uncertain-Load Delivery in Distribution Grids
Hannah Moring, Harsha Nagarajan, Kshitij Girigoudar, David Fobes, Johanna Mathieu

125 Saturation-Informed Current-Limiting Control for Grid-Forming Converters
Maitraya Avadhut Desai, Xiuqiang He, Linbin Huang, Florian Dörfler

318 Scheduling IDC-Based Virtual Power Plants Considering Backup Power
Pei Yong, Zhifang Yang, Haiyang Jiang, Ning Zhang, Chongqing Kang

445 Secondary Voltage Regulation Based on Full-State Feedback - Performance Assessment with Dynaωo
Tom Vancorsellis , Julien Callec, Carmen Cardozo, Philippe Juston, Sami Tliba

101 Selective Optimal Under-Frequency Load Shedding Based on Trajectory Sensitivities
Claudio Fuerte-Esquivel, Abraham Reveles-Pinedo, Alejandro Pizano-Martínez, Reymundo Ramírez-Betancour

249 Sensitivity Analysis of Commutation Failure in Multi-Infeed HVDC Systems: Exploring the Impact of ac System Representations and Fault Types
Jhair Stivel Acosta Sarmiento, Xiao Hao, Aniruddha Gole

513 Shaped Operating Envelopes: Distribution Network Capacity Allocation for Market Services
Ahmad attarha, Mahdi Noori, Masoume Mahmoodi, Jose Iria, Paul Scott

472 Simultaneous Feeder Reconfiguration and Distributed Generation Planning in the Presence of Voltage-Dependent and Variable Loads
Meisam Mahdavi, Augustine Awaafo, Mohsen Dini, Siamak Moradi, Francisco Jurado, David Vera

381 Single-Phase Synchronous Inverter Control for Fault Management using Emulation Signal Generators
Shinya Sekizaki, Yutaka Sasaki, Yoshifumi Zoka, Naoto Yorino, Keisuke Higashi, Kohei Miyamoto, Toshihiro Yamada

316 Sizing distributed energy resources in a renewable energy community with a grid-aware internal market structure
Thomas Stegen, Mevludin Glavic, Bertrand Cornélusse, Antonio Giannitrapani, Simone Paoletti

371 Socially Optimal Energy Usage via Adaptive Pricing
Baosen Zhang, Jiayi Li, Matthew Motoki

197 SOStab: a Matlab Toolbox for Transient Stability Analysis
Stéphane Drobot, Matteo Tacchi, Carmen Cardozo, Colin Jones

191 Stable Training of Probabilistic Models Using the Leave-One-Out Maximum Log-Likelihood Objective
Kutay Bölat, Simon Tindemans, Peter Palensky

506 Stochastic Modeling for the Aggregated Flexibility of Distributed Energy Resources
Yilin Wen, Yi Guo, Zechun Hu, Gabriela Hug

1018 Strong Mixed-Integer Formulations for Transmission Expansion Planning with FACTS Devices
Kevin Wu, Mathieu Tanneau, Pascal Van Hentenryck

523 Surge Arrester Optimal Placement in Distribution Networks: A Decision Theory-Based Approach
Nagananthini Ravichandran, Daniela Proto, Amedeo Andreotti

541 Surrogate-Based Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Future European Electricity Spot Market Prices
Julian Quick, Juan Pablo Murcia Leon, Polyneikis Kanellas, Sumanth Yamujala, Kaushik Das, Matti Juhani Koivisto

554 Technical and economic analysis for integrating consumer-centric markets with batteries into distribution networks
Pedro Peters, Daniel Botelho, Wanessa Guedes, Bruno Borba, Tiago Soares, Bruno Dias

1073 The Activation of Congestion Service Contracts for Budget-Constrained Congestion Management
Bart van der Holst, Gijs Verhoeven, Phuong Nguyen, Johan Morren, Koen Kok

1228 The Role of Energy Storage Systems for a Secure Energy Supply: A Comprehensive Review of System Needs and Technology Solutions
Giovanni De Carne, Seyede Masoome Maroufi, Hamzeh Beiranvand, Valerio De Angelis, Salvatore d'Arco, Vahan Gevorgian, Simon Waczowicz, Barry Mather, Marco Liserre, Veit Hagenmeyer

71 The Value of Real-Time Adjustable Remedial Action Schemes
Aditya Rangarajan, Line Roald

115 Tight big-Ms for Optimal Transmission Switching
Salvador Pineda, Juan Miguel Morales, Álvaro Porras, Concepción Domínguez

943 Time-Domain Equivalent Model for Harmonic Simulations of Wind and Photovoltaic Plants
Alex Reis, Anesio de Leles Ferreira Filho, Pedro Moraes, Juliana P. de Lima, Mohammad S. I. Neto, Vinicius dos Passos

498 Topology-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Tertiary Voltage Control
Balthazar Donon, François Cubelier, Efthymios Karangelos, Louis Wehenkel, Laure Crochepierre, Camille Pache, Lucas Saludjian, Patrick Panciatici

608 Toward Intelligent Emergency Control for Large-scale Power Systems: Convergence of Reinforcement Learning, Physics, Computing and Control
Qiuhua Huang, Renke Huang, Tianzhixi Yin, Sohom Datta, Xueqing Sun, Zhuanshan Jason Hou, Jie Tan, Wenhao Yu, Yuan Liu, Xinya Li, Bruce Palmber, Ang Li, Xinda Ke, Marianna Vaiman, Song Wang, Yousu Chen

424 Towards Sustainable Energy Systems: Multi-Objective Microgrid Sizing for Environmental and Economic Optimization
Lucas Zenichi Terada, Juan Carlos Cortez, Guilherme Chagas, Juan Camilo López, Marcos J. Rider

948 Tuning and Testing an Online Feedback Optimization Controller to Provide Curative Distribution Grid Flexibility
Lukas Ortmann, Fabian Böhm, Florian Klein-Helmkmap, Andreas Ulbig, Saverio Bolognani, Florian Dörfler

908 Unsupervised Learning for Equitable DER Control
Zhenyi Yuan, Guido Cavraro, Ahmed Zamzam, Jorge Cortes

195 Visualizing Graph Neural Networks in Order to Learn General Concepts in Power Systems
Øystein Rognes Solheim, Gunnhild Svandal Presthus, Boye Annfelt Høverstad, Magnus Korpås

255 Voltage Stability Analysis of Grid-Forming Converters with Current Limitation
Sebastian Liemann, Christian Rehtanz

1048 Water values and marginal costs for power generation planning under more restrictive constraints and a more detailed representation of the hydro plants
Cristiane Cruz, Lílian Brandão, André Luiz Diniz


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