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Advanced Voltage Control Based on Short-time Ahead Voltage Fluctuation Estimation in Distribution System

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Distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic generation (PV) have negative impacts on the voltage regulation in distribution networks. This paper proposes an advanced predictive voltage control scheme based on short-time-ahead voltage fluctuation estimation in a distribution system with high PV penetration. In the proposed scheme, the short-term voltage fluctuation is predicted based on the past sensor measurements of voltage, and a voltage regulator is operated to mitigate the expected voltage violation risk in a distribution system. The proposed scheme is an autonomous control scheme requiring only the present secondary voltage of the voltage regulator, because there is no need for real-time sensor-measured voltage values as in centralized voltage control schemes. The proposed scheme is tested on a hardware testbed constructed in Waseda University, and the experimental simulation results clearly show that the proposed scheme can prevent voltage violation without significantly increasing the number of tap operations and achieve superior voltage-control performance compared to that of the centralized scheme.


Shinya Yoshizawa    
Waseda University

Yasuhiro Hayashi    
Waseda University


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