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Unified Fault Matrix Method for the Calculation of Shunt and Series Faults in Power Systems with Complete Duality of Shunt and Series Fault Matrices

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In this paper a unified fault matrix method for the calculation of shunt and series faults in power systems is presented which exhibits a complete duality between shunt faults (ShF) and series faults (SrF). In particular, the duality between line-to-line short circuits and interruptions of electric equipment with isolated neutral and the corresponding fault matrices is worked out. For all ShF and SrF the same grid equation building algorithm is used. The order of the branch equations of the electrical equipment as well as the order of the grid equation system are not changed. The voltages of the interruptions and the neutral point voltages can easily be calculated. Fault impedances resp. admittances identical to zero (ideal short circuits and interruptions) can be used without the emergence of numerical problems as in conventional methods.


Lutz Hofmann    
Institute for Electric Power Systems - Electric Power Engineering Section, Leibniz University Hannover


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