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Probabilistic Assessment of Voltage Quality on Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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This paper evaluates the potential benefits the connection of photovoltaic generation can bring to a commercial building with electric vehicles charging stations considering voltage quality issues. Monte Carlo simulation is applied to model system uncertainties, and uncontrolled charging Level 2 is considered. Simulations are performed in the modified IEEE 37 node test feeder using OpenDSS software, using real load data and meteorological measurements, considering the seasonality effect of photovoltaic generation. Different scenarios are analyzed, varying the size of photovoltaic generation and electric vehicles connection time. The obtained results show voltage unbalance is not a major issue when charging at Level 2. Also, the use of photovoltaic generation can potentially reduce the probability of occurrence of undervoltage problems, transformer overload and losses, according to the penetration level of photovoltaic generation and daily electric vehicles charging demand.


Jorge Henrique Angelim    
Faculty of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Carolina Affonso    
Faculty of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering


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