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N-k Interdiction Modeling for Natural Gas Networks

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Although electricity transmission systems are typically very robust, the impacts that arise when they are disrupted motivate methods for analyzing outage risk. For example, N-k interdiction models were developed to characterize disruptions by identifying the sets of k power system components whose failure results in “worst case” outages. While such models have advanced considerably, they generally neglect how failures outside the power system can cause large-scale outages. Specifically, failures in natural gas pipeline networks that provide fuel for gas-fired generators can affect the function of the power grid. In this study, we extend N-k interdiction modeling to gas pipeline networks. We use recently developed convex relaxations for natural gas flow equations to yield tractable formulations for identifying sets of k components whose failure can cause curtailment of natural gas delivery. We then present a novel cutting-plane algorithm to solve these problems. Finally, we use test instances to analyze the performance of the approach in conjunction with simulations of outage effects on electrical power grids.


Mareldi Ahumada Paras    
University of Washington
United States

Kaarthik Sundar    
United States

Russell Bent    
Los Alamos National Laboratory
United States

Anatoly Zlotnik    
Los Alamos National Laboratory
United States


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