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An Improved Setting Method of the Distance Protective IEDs for Series-Compensated Transmission lines Based on a Case Study Approach

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An improved setting method of the conventional distance protective IEDs for the series compensated transmission lines based on the results of the comprehensive studies regarding the impact of a thyristor-controlled series capacitor (TCSC) is proposed in this paper. The proposed method considers the equivalent impedance of TCSC to calculate the distance protective IED setting values which can prevent the mal-operation. To verify and analyze the performance of the proposed method, the HILS(Hardware-In-the-Loop System) was constructed using RTDS and an IED. The IEC 61850-based dynamic characteristic tests were performed with this HILS.


Woo-Seok Seo    
Myongji University
Korea, Republic Of

Min-Soo Kim    
Myongji University
Korea, Republic Of

Sang-Hee Kang    
Myongji University
Korea, Republic Of

Jong-Su Yoon    
Korea Electric Power Research Institute
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of


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