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Towards planning for flexible future grids under high power injection diversity

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Power injection patterns will become more diverse in the future as more intermittent generation, bulk energy storage, and aggregated flexible loads become integrated into the grid. De-signing flexible and, in a way, dispatchable grids is an emerging area of research to accommodate the increased dispatch diversity from the supply- and demand-sides. This work presents an ap-proach that reduces total grid inadequacy for power injection di-versity by combining the benefits of (1) reduced inherent grid in-adequacy via grid expansion and (2) additional grid flexibility via line switching. Unlike most models that minimize cost under un-certainty, the proposed approach directly minimizes total grid in-adequacy using the size of a scenario-based representation of the power flow infeasible set to find meritorious line and switch in-stallation options. Experiments using the 6- and 118-bus test sys-tems show reduced total grid inadequacy, especially when both solutions are considered simultaneously. We hope that this work can inspire future work on integrating grid flexibility in expan-sion planning.


Adonis Emmanuel Tio    
University of Sydney

David John Hill    
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Jin Ma    
University of Sydney


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