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Operational Reliability Assessment of Photovoltaic Inverters Considering Voltage/VAR Control Function

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This paper proposes an operational reliability assess-ment approach of photovoltaic (PV) inverters considering a voltage/VAR control (VVC) function. The approach aims to quantify the reliability degradation and estimate the lifetime of PV inverters when they are utilized for the VVC function. First-ly, an inverter based VVC model considering uncertain profiles of PV power generation and loads is developed and it is solved by a stochastic optimization method. Then, a long-term reliabil-ity assessment procedure of the inverters utilized in the VVC model is proposed. To assess the reliability, a power loss model considering the VVC results is developed and a modified lifetime model based on Coffin-Manson model and manufacturing in-formation is proposed. The proposed VVC model and inverter reliability assessment approach are verified on a 33-bus distri-bution network. The simulation results reveal the long-term impacts of additional utilization in the VVC function on opera-tional reliability and lifetime of PV inverters.


Qingmian Chai    
The University of New South Wales

Cuo Zhang    
The University of New South Wales

Zhao Yang Dong    
The University of New South Wales

Yan Xu    
Nanyang Technological University


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