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Voltage Stability Based Placement of Distributed Generation Against Extreme Events

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This paper is concerned about improving the resilience of power grids against extreme events which may lead to the line and generator outages and subsequent voltage stability problems and blackouts. The reported study investigates ways of eliminating or substantially reducing the chances of having such voltage stability problems during expected extreme events, by strategically placing a few distributed generators in the system. The problem is addressed in two stages, where a reasonably inclusive list of credible contingencies are individually considered first. A minimum number of distributed generators are selected and placed in order to maintain voltage stability under each considered contingency. In the second stage, the number of generators is minimized by the strategic selection of locations to reach a solution that ensures voltage stability under all considered contingencies in the system. Effectiveness and computational performance of the developed strategy are illustrated by simulating several outage scenarios using the IEEE 118-bus system.


Ali Abur    
Northeastern University
United States

Ahmet Oner    
Northeastern University
United States


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