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A Method for Ensuring a Load Aggregator’s Power Deviations Are Safe for Distribution Networks

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This paper proposes a method for constraining the control actions of third-party aggregators to ensure safe operation of the distribution network. We design a safety constraint that limits the size of the deviations in power that an aggregator can cause across a network. The constraint’s upper limit is the size of the minimum-sized vector of deviations that is unsafe for the network, which is computed by solving a set of optimization problems. We propose two versions of the safety constraint, based on the 2-norm and 1-norm, and find neither is guaranteed to be less conservative than the other. We also derive conditions under which an optimization problem can be eliminated from the set of problems that are necessary to solve. We apply these conditions in a case study and reduce the number of problems by 89% for the test network and 67% for the test network with capacitor banks connected.


Stephanie Ross    
University of Michigan
United States

Johanna Mathieu    
University of Michigan
United States


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