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Overcoming the Practical Challenges of Applying Steinmetz Circuit Design to Mitigate Voltage Unbalance Using Distributed Solar PV

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Due to the high penetration of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, it is expected that voltage unbalance will become more severe in distribution systems. In this paper, we develop approaches to control the reactive power injections of PV inverters to reduce voltage unbalance without affecting their real power injections. Our past work developed a feedback controller that leveraged Steinmetz circuit design to compute reactive power injections. In this paper, we extend this approach to cope with a number of practical considerations, namely, inverter reactive power limits, noisy/erroneous measurements, and delayed inputs in the presence of time-varying load and PV generation. Using the IEEE 13-node feeder as an illustrative example, we demonstrate the issues that arise when the original controller is used in practical scenarios and show that the ehanced controller can effectively mitigate voltage unbalance in these scenarios.


Mengqi Yao    
University of Michigan
United States

Johanna L. Mathieu    
University of Michigan
United States


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