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Modelling, Monitoring, and Control of Natural Gas Systems

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In this part of the tutorial, we address power system engineers and discuss modern mathematical, statistical and physical aspects of modeling, monitoring and control of Natural Gas Systems (NGS) and their interdependencies and integration with other energy systems.

Specifically, the tutorial will cover the following three topics:
• Basic modeling and simulation: relevant spatial and temporal scales, NGS equations, networks, transmission and distribution, significance of transients, effects of fluctuations and uncertainty.
• NGS Optimization, Control and Monitoring: deterministic and stochastic optimal gas flows, computational aspects, monitoring and state estimations in NGS with elements of inference and learning.
• Interdependency with other energy systems (power systems and district heating systems): energy hubs, integration, approaches and challenges for make it all to work in unison.


Misha Chertkov    
University of Arizona
United States


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