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Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Analysis of DH Networks: Models and Applications

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District heating (DH) is an efficient technology to provide heat and domestic hot water to buildings located in densely populated areas. Smart management of DH networks can also minimize primary energy consumption and increase the exploitation of waste heat and renewable energy sources.

The first goal of this part of the tutorial is to present simulation approaches that can be used for effective evaluation of mass flow rate, pressure and temperature distributions within the pipelines of DH networks. A powerful modelling approach based on a graph-based description of the topology will be explored in-depth, along with techniques that could be applied to reduce the computational efforts.

The second goal is to explore relevant applications of DH network simulation models, including: a) evaluation of the effects of thermal storage units; b) implementation of demand-response to obtain thermal load peak shaving; c) minimization of pumping costs; d) manage the occurrence of malfunctions; and e) maximize the number of buildings that can be connected to existing networks.


Elisa Guelpa    
Politecnico di Torino

Vittorio Verda    
Politecnico di Torino


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