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Integrated Energy Network Analysis

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This part of the tutorial will provide an overview of state-of-the-art approaches used for the planning and operation of integrated energy networks (e.g., electricity-heat-gas-hydrogen). The simulation of integrated networks (an extension of electrical power flow analysis) will first be discussed to highlight core drivers for using integrated network models and then to assess the capability of the integrated networks to cope with multi-energy supply. The active coordination of both multi-energy technologies and integrated networks (an extension of electrical optimal power flow analysis) will then be discussed, with particular focus being placed on the use of multi-energy decision variables and the use of integrated networks as sources of flexibility. Finally, additional modelling considerations to address uncertainties (e.g., from renewable energy sources, demand and prices) as well as other vectors and sectors (e.g., hydrogen and transports) will be presented.


Eduardo Alejandro (Alex) Martínez Ceseña    
The University of Manchester
United Kingdom


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