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Drivers and Challenges for Multi-Energy System Analysis

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This first part of the tutorial will describe the importance and different uses of multi-energy analysis, for example in helping to uncover pathways to reduced energy system greenhouse gas emissions, or in facilitating new technologies and bridging between existing systems in both system design and operation. It will revisit the scope of existing modelling in terms of which actors, assets and phenomena are endogenous to a model and which are exogenous before moving on to explore the factors influencing the design of models such as who is expected to make use of a model, how uncertainties might be treated, whether existing models can be linked, how data are sourced and maintained, and the documentation of models. Finally, recommendations are made for good practice in the design and use of multi-energy system models.


Keith Bell    
University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom

Graeme Hawker    
University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom


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