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Big Data Analytics for Future Electricity Grids

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This paper provides a survey of big data analytics applications and associated implementation issues. The emphasis is placed on applications that are novel and have demonstrated value to the industry, as illustrated using field data and practical applications. The paper reflects on the lessons learned from initial implementations, as well as ideas that are yet to be explored. The various data science trends treated in the literature are outlined, while experiences from applying them in the electricity grid setting are emphasized to pave the way for future applications. The paper ends with opportunities and challenges, as well as implementation goals and strategies for achieving impactful outcomes.


Mladen Kezunovic    
Texas A&M University
United States

Pierre Pinson    
Technical University of Denmark

Zoran Obradovic    
Temple University
United States

Santiago Grijalva    
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States

Tao Hong    
UNC Charlotte
United States

Ricardo Bessa    


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