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Fundamentals of Power Systems Modelling in the Presence of Converter-Interfaced Generation

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This survey paper discusses the fundamentals of power systems modelling in the presence of large amounts of converter-interfaced generation (CIG). By referring to real-life events characterised by anomalous dynamics associated to the presence of CIG, the concepts of narrow versus broad band signals are first recalled along with the limitation of the meaning of apparent power, power factor and reactive power. In this regard, the adequacy of the phasor representation of voltages and currents waveforms is thoroughly discussed. Then, with respect to the central subject of control of power converters, a revised definition of grid-following and grid-forming converters is provided along with a thorough discussion of their associated controls and a comprehensive classification for both classes of converters. Several applications inspired by actual case studies are included in the paper in order to provide realistic application examples.


Mario Paolone    
École Polytehcnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Trevor Gaunt    
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Xavier Guillaud    
Univ. Lille, Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology

Marco Liserre    
University of Kiel

Sakis Meliopoulos    
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States

Antonello Monti    
RWTH Aachen University

Thierry Van Cutsem    
University of Liège

Vijay Vittal    
Arizona State University
United States

Costas Vournas    
National Technical University of Athens


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