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A Real-Time Optimization with Warm-Start of Multiperiod AC Optimal Power Flows

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We present a real-time optimization strategy based on warm-start for solving a moving horizon of multiperiod AC optimal power flow (ACOPF) problems. In each horizon, ACOPFs are temporally interlinked via generator ramp constraints, and we assume that each horizon needs to be solved every few seconds or minutes. We introduce two approximate tracking schemes that closely follow a solution path consisting of strongly regular points. We present theoretical results bounding the tracking error by the square of the parameter changes between time periods. Experimental results for networks of sizes up to 9K buses show a fast computation time while maintaining a good solution quality, thus making our approach well suited for real-time circumstances.


Youngdae Kim    
Argonne National Laboratory
United States

Mihai Anitescu    
Argonne National Laboratory
United States


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