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Certification and Prediction of Post-Disturbance States in Dynamic Security Assessment

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Dynamic security assessment usually involves the simulation of system dynamics under large disturbances. The instant large disturbance occurs, the post-disturbance state of the system could deviate significantly from the pre-disturbance one. It is desirable and necessary to develop an efficient method to certify the existence of state and predict the approximate post-disturbance state because: (1) faster warning can be made in online assessment; and (2) the dynamic simulator can be given better initial values to calculate precise solutions, which prevents convergence failure brought on by poor initial values. We propose a novel approach for efficiently certifying and predicting the post-disturbance states in dynamic security assessment. Based on the fixed-point power flow mapping approach applied to salient pole generator models, the criterion for determining the existence and uniqueness of the post-disturbance solution is derived, and the bounds of post-disturbance solution can be rigorously characterized.


Bai Cui    
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
United States

Rui Yao    
Argonne National Laboratory
United States

Feng Qiu    
Argonne National Laboratory
United States


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