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Coordination of operational planning and real-time optimization in microgrids

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Hierarchical microgrid control levels range from distributed device level controllers that run at a high frequency to centralized controllers optimizing market integration that run much less frequently. Centralized controllers are often subdivided in operational planning controllers that optimize decisions over a time horizon of one or several days, and real-time optimization controllers that deal with actions in the current market period. The coordination of these levels is of paramount importance. In this paper we propose a value function based approach as a way to propagate information from operational planning to real-time optimization. We apply this method to an environment where operational planning, using day-ahead forecasts, optimizes at a market period resolution the decisions to minimize the total energy cost and revenues, the peak consumption and injection related costs, and plans for reserve requirements. While realtime optimization copes with the forecast errors and yields implementable actions based on real-time measurements. The approach is compared to a rule-based controller on three use cases, and its sensitivity to forecast error is assessed.


Jonathan Dumas    

Selmane Dakir    

Clément Liu    
Ecole Polytechnique

Bertrand Cornélusse    


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