“21st PSCC 2020 papers submission and review platform

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IMPORTANT: the times reported in this program refer to the Western European Summer Time.

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Monday, 29 June 2020
Tutorial: Modelling and Planning of Multi-Energy SystemsKeith Bell, Pierluigi MancarellaDrivers and Challenges for Multi-Energy System AnalysisKeith Bell; Graeme HawkerIntegrated Energy Network AnalysisEduardo Alejandro (Alex) Martínez CeseñaGrid Flexibility from Multi-Energy SystemsPierluigi MancarellaThermo-Fluid Dynamic Analysis of DH Networks: Models and ApplicationsElisa Guelpa; Vittorio VerdaModelling, Monitoring, and Control of Natural Gas SystemsMisha Chertkov
Roundtable Discussion: Machine Learning for Power Systems: Present & FutureSpyros Chatzivasileiadis, Misha Chertkov, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Daniel Molzahn, Louis WehenkelMediator: Pascal Van Hentenryck (Georgia Tech)

Review of the Field: Louis Wehenkel (U of Liege) – 15 min

Provocateurs: (7 min each)
Misha Chertkov (U of Arizona)
Eugene Litvinov (ISO NE)
Damien Ernst (U of Liege)
Jessica Harrison (MISO)
Spyros Chatzivasileiadis (DTU)
Antoine Marot (RTE)

30 min open discussion
Tuesday, 30 June 2020
Opening SessionAnjan Bose, Chair, PSCC Executive BoardOpening of PSCC 2020:
Jay Giri, President of PSCC2020

Overview of Technical Sessions:
Christian Rehtanz, Chair, Technical Program Committee
Dan Molzahn, Vice-Chair, Technical Program Committee

Overview of Conference Logistics:
João Pecas Lopes, Chair, Local Organizing Committee
Frequency StabilitySaverio BolognaniAnalysis and Improvement of Cross-Regional Cooperation for Automatic Frequency Restoration ReservesKeita Tokumitsu; Hiroyuki Amano; Kenichi Kawabe; Toshiya NanaharaModeling Frequency Response Dynamics in Power System SchedulingZiyang Zhang; Ershun Du; Guiping Zhu; Ning Zhang; Chongqing Kang; Minhui Qian; João P. S. CatalãoFrequency stability analysis for inverter dominated grids during system splitArun Kannan; Maria Nuschke; Bogdan-Petru Dobrin; Diana Strauss-MincuSimplified Approach for Frequency Dynamics Assessment of 100% Power Electronics-Based SystemsGuilherme Santos Pereira; Valentin Costan; Antoine Bruyère; Xavier GuillaudEnhanced grid frequency support by means of HVDC-based load controlMarius Langwasser; Giovanni De Carne; Marco Liserre; Matthias BiskopingMetrics for Determining the Frequency Stability Limits of a Power System: A GB Case StudyMarcel Nedd; Waqquas Bukhsh; Callum MacIver; Keith Bell Machine Learning: Power System Control and OptimizationLouis WehenkelActor-Critic Learning for Optimal Building Energy Management with Phase Change MaterialsZahra Rahimpour; Gregor Verbic; Archie C. ChapmanData-Driven Low Frequency Oscillation Mode Identification and Preventive Control Strategy Based on Gradient DescentYiwei Fu; Lei Chen; Zhe Yu; Yishen Wang; Di ShiProbabilistic Robust Small-Signal Stability Framework using Gaussian Process LearningParikshit Pareek; Hung NguyenData Driven Transfer Functions and Transmission Network Parameters for GIC ModellingMichael Heyns; Trevor Gaunt; Stefan Lotz; Pierre CilliersNeural Networks for Power Flow: Graph Neural SolverBalthazar Donon; Rémy Clément; Benjamin Donnot; Antoine Marot; Isabelle Guyon; Marc SchoenauerMachine Learning for Ranking Day-ahead Decisions in the Context of Short-term Operation PlanningLaurine Duchesne; Efthymios Karangelos; Antonio Sutera; Louis Wehenkel
Distribution System Monitoring, Operation, and ControlRachid CherkaouiNonconvex Lifted Unbalanced Branch Flow Model: Derivation, Implementation and ExperimentsFrederik Geth; Sander Claeys; Geert DeconinckAdvanced Voltage Control Based on Short-time Ahead Voltage Fluctuation Estimation in Distribution SystemShinya Yoshizawa; Yasuhiro HayashiDistribution Systems Protection Considering Aspects of Coordination and Time-dependent Response for Reliability EvaluationLucas Venturini; Ivo Costa; Diego Issicaba; Mauro RosaPlanning of Distribution Networks Islanded Operation: From Simulation to Live DemonstrationJosé Gouveia; Clara Gouveia; Justino Rodrigues; Leonel Carvalho; Carlos Moreira; João Peças LopesProbabilistic State Forecasting and Optimal Voltage Control in Distribution Grids under UncertaintyThierry Zufferey; Sandro Renggli; Gabriela HugOvercoming the Practical Challenges of Applying Steinmetz Circuit Design to Mitigate Voltage Unbalance Using Distributed Solar PVMengqi Yao; Johanna L. Mathieu Power System Protection IWolfgang GawlikAn Improved Setting Method of the Distance Protective IEDs for Series-Compensated Transmission lines Based on a Case Study ApproachWoo-Seok Seo; Min-Soo Kim; Sang-Hee Kang; Jong-Su YoonHybrid Fuzzy Evaluation Algorithm for Power System Protection Security AssessmentGeorg Janick Meyer; Tobias Lortz; Rene Wehner; Johann Jaeger; Maximilian Dauer; Rainer KrebsUnified Fault Matrix Method for the Calculation of Shunt and Series Faults in Power Systems with Complete Duality of Shunt and Series Fault MatricesLutz HofmannNegative Sequence Quantities-Based Protection Under Inverter-Based Resources ─ Challenges and Impact of the German Grid CodeAboutaleb Haddadi; Ilhan Kocar; Jean Mahseredjian; Ulas Karaagac; Evangelos FarantatosSpeeding Up Phase Comparison Line Protection By Means of TDQ-Based Current Unbalance AnalysisMarayanne Almeida; Felipe LopesProtection Strategy for Fault Detection in Inverter-Dominated Low Voltage AC MicrogridJosé Octávio Cesário Pereira Pinto; Miguel Moreto
Transient StabilityLuis RoucoExcitation Control Method Based on Wide-Area Measurement System for Improvement of Transient Stability in Power SystemsKenichi Kawabe; Muneki Masuda; Toshiya NanaharaEnhanced Dynamic Equivalent Identification Method of Large-Scale Power Systems Using Multiple EventsZhihao Jiang; Ning Tong; Yilu Liu; Yaosuo Xue; Alfonso G. TarditiSequential Bayesian Parameter Estimation of Stochastic Dynamic Load ModelsDaniel Adrian Maldonado; Vishwas Rao; Mihai Anitescu; Vivak PatelInfluence of Load Dynamic Response on the Stability of Microgrids During Islanding TransitionJuan Diego Rios Penaloza; James Amankwah Adu; Alberto Borghetti; Fabio Napolitano; Fabio Tossani; Carlo Alberto NucciWide Area Controllers for Excitation Boosters for Transient Stability ImprovementLuis Díez-Maroto; Javier Renedo; Luis Rouco; Fidel Fernández-BernalImpact of Virtual Power Plants on Power System Short-Term Transient ResponseWeilin Zhong; Mohammed Ahsan Adib Murad; Muyang Liu; Federico Milano Uncertainty Management and Stochastic Optimization IMaria VrakopoulouTowards leveraging grid flexibility in chance-constrained power system operation planningEfthymios Karangelos; Louis WehenkelChance-Constrained Optimal Capacity Design for a Renewable-Only Islanded MicrogridSijia Geng; Maria Vrakopoulou; Ian HiskensWater distribution networks as flexible loads: a chance-constrained programming approachAnna Stuhlmacher; Johanna L. MathieuAffine Policies for Flexibility Provision by Natural Gas Networks to Power SystemsAnubhav Ratha; Anna Schwele; Jalal Kazempour; Pierre Pinson; Shahab Shariat Torbaghan; Ana ViragStochastic DC Optimal Power Flow With Reserve SaturationRohit Kannan; James Luedtke; Line RoaldStochastic AC Optimal Power Flow: A Data-Driven ApproachIlyes Mezghani; Sidhant misra; Deepjyoti Deka
Data-Driven Modeling Techniques Applied to Energy SystemsRicardo BessaLearning to Control in Power Systems: Design and Analysis Guidelines for Concrete Safety ProblemsRoel Dobbe; Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez; Stavros Karagiannopoulos; Rodrigo Henriquez-Auba; Gabriela Hug; Duncan S. Callaway; Claire J. TomlinEfficient Creation of Datasets for Data-Driven Power System ApplicationsAndreas Venzke; Daniel Molzahn; Spyros ChatzivasileiadisLearning to run a power network challenge for training topology controllersAntoine Marot; Benjamin Donnot; Marvin Lerousseau; Camilo Romero; Isabelle Guyon; Luca Veyrin-Forrer; Balthazar DononStatistical Correction Scheme for the Wind Power Allocation to Transformer Stations in the Transmission GridSascha Bremicker-Trübelhorn; Stephan Vogt; Malte SiefertIdentification of Hot Water End-use Process of Electric Water Heaters from Energy MeasurementsAdil Khurram; Roland Malhame; Luis A Duffaut Espinos Duffaut Espinosa; Mads AlmassalkhiBaseline Estimation of Commercial Building HVAC Fan Power Using Tensor CompletionShunbo Lei; David Hong; Johanna Mathieu; Ian Hiskens Power System Protection IIAntonio Carlos Siqueira de LimaPhasor-Based Fault Location Challenges and Solutions for Transmission Lines Equipped With High-Speed Time-Domain Protective RelaysFelipe Lopes; Eduardo Jorge Leite Jr; João Paulo Ribeiro; Artur Piardi; Renzo Espinoza; Allan Scheid; Guilherme Zat; Rodrigo OttoImpact of Inverter-Based Generation on Islanding Detection Schemes in Distribution NetworksUros Markovic; Demetris Chrysostomou; Petros Aristidou; Gabriela HugComputation of Sensitivity-Based Islanding Detection Parameters for Synchronous GeneratorsTin Rabuzin; Fabian Hohn; Lars NordströmFault-Ride-Through Strategies for Grid-Tied and Grid-Forming Smart-Transformers Suited for Islanding and Interconnected OperationJustino Rodrigues; Carlos Moreira; João LopesProtection System Planning for Distribution Networks: a Probabilistic ApproachWandry Rodrigues Faria; Daniella de Barcellos Martins; Ciniro Aparecido Leite Nametala; Benvindo Rodrigues Pereira JuniorAn Integrated Approach for Failure Mitigation & Localization in Power SystemsChen Liang; Linqi Guo; Alessandro Zocca; Shuyue Yu; Steven Low; Adam Wierman
Microgrid Operations and PlanningBertrand CornélusseCoordination of operational planning and real-time optimization in microgridsJonathan Dumas; Selmane Dakir; Clément Liu; Bertrand CornélusseProbabilistic Multi-objective Microgrid Planning Methodology for Optimizing the Ancillary Services ProvisionSergio F. Contreras; Camilo A. Cortes; Johanna M.A. MyrzikNon-Intrusive Load Management Under Forecast Uncertainty in Energy Constrained MicrogridsJonathan Lee; Sean Anderson; Claudio Vergara; Duncan CallawayOptimal battery operation for revenue maximization of wind-storage hybrid power plantKaushik Das; Anatole Grapperon; Poul Sørensen; Anca HansenBehind-the-Meter Compressed Air Energy Storage Feasibility and ApplicationsChioma Anierobi; Kankar Bhattacharya; Claudio Canizares Small-Signal StabilitySteven LowWide-Area Oscillation Damping in Low-Inertia Grids under Time-Varying Communication DelaysSultan Alghamdi; Uros Markovic; Ognjen Stanojev; Johannes Schiffer; Gabriela Hug; Petros AristidouComparative Study of Dynamic Phasor and Harmonic State-Space Modeling for Small-Signal Stability AnalysisPhilippe De Rua; Özgür Can Sakinci; Jef BeertenCoordinated Tuning of Power System Controllers using Parallel Genetic AlgorithmsRuben Kang; Eustaquio Alcides Martinez; Enrique Chaparro ViverosDelay Margin Comparisons for Power Systems with Constant and Time-varying DelaysMuyang Liu; Ioannis Dassios; Federico Milano
Wednesday, 1 July 2020
Distributed Storage Systems: Control, Scheduling and PlanningFabrizio SossanBottom-up Modeling of Residential Batteries and their Effect on System-Level Generation CostDillon Jaglal; Andreas Procopiou; Kyriacos Petrou; Luis OchoaEnhanced Battery Controller for Inertia Support in Residential Microgrid based on Active Disturbance Rejection ControlBowen Wang; Gregor Verbic; Archie Chapman; Weidong XiaoDistributed MPC-Based Frequency Control for Multi-Area Power Systems with Energy StorageLuwei Yang; Tao Liu; David HillBattery Smoothing Control for Photovoltaic System Using Short-Term Forecast with Total Sky ImagesAnto Ryu; Hideo Ishii; Yasuhiro HayashiDispatch-aware Planning of Energy Storage Systems in Active Distribution NetworkJi Hyun Yi; Rachid Cherkaoui; Mario PaoloneOptimal Provision of Concurrent Primary Frequency and Local Voltage Control from a BESS Considering Variable Capability Curves: Modelling and Experimental AssessmentAntonio Zecchino; Zhao Yuan; Fabrizio Sossan; Rachid Cherkaoui; Mario Paolone Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Wind Power ForecastingPierre PinsonForecasting Conditional Extreme Quantiles for Wind EnergyCarla Gonçalves; Laura Cavalcante; Margarida Brito; Ricardo J. Bessa; João GamaMarkov Switching Autoregressive Modeling of Wind Power Forecast ErrorsRoman Le Goff Latimier; Enzo Le Bouedec; Valérie MonbetOnline Forecast Reconciliation in Wind Power PredictionChiara di Modica; Pierre Pinson; Souhaib Ben TaiebMissing Data in Wind Farm Time Series: Properties and Effect on ForecastsRosemary Tawn; Jethro Browell; Iain DinwoodieRecalibration of Recurrent Neural Networks for Short-Term Wind Power ForecastingJean-François TOUBEAU; Pierre-David DAPOZ; Jérémie BOTTIEAU; Aurélien WAUTIER; Zacharie DE GREVE; François VALLEEApplication of microscale wind and detailed wind power plant data in large-scale wind generation simulationsMatti Koivisto; Konstantinos Plakas; Ernesto Rodrigo Hurtado Ellmann; Neil Davis; Poul Sørensen
Enhancing Operational Resilience and Flexibility of Distribution SystemsYunhe HouOperational Reliability Assessment of Photovoltaic Inverters Considering Voltage/VAR Control FunctionQingmian Chai; Cuo Zhang; Zhao Yang Dong; Yan XuAssessing the Effects of DER on Voltages Using a Smart Meter-Driven Three-Phase LV Feeder ModelYiqing Wang; Michael Z. Liu; Luis F. OchoaDeriving Power Uncertainty Intervals for Low Voltage Grid State Estimation Using Affine ArithmeticMaximilian Schmidt; Peter SchegnerApplying Overlay Networks to the Smart Grid and Energy CollectivesLasse Orda; Oliver Gehrke; Henrik BindnerAn Advanced Control Strategy for DC Interconnections of Distribution Systems Considering Curative System SecurityJohannes Kayser; Steffen Schlegel; Dirk WestermannRecloser Placement Optimization using the Cross-Entropy Method and Reassessment of Monte Carlo Sampled StatesYago Baracy; Lucas Venturini; Nilton Branco; Diego Issicaba; Ahda Grilo Wide-Area Monitoring and ControlAli AburOn the minimal set of controllers and sensors for linear power flowEdwin Mora; Florian SteinkeOptimal Meter Placement in Low Observability Distribution Networks with DERDiogo Ferreira; Pedro Carvalho; Luís FerreiraWide Area Backup Protection Scheme for Distance Relays Considering the Uncertainty of Network ProtectionSeyed Ali Esmaeilzadeh Musavi; Reza Mohammadi Chabanloo; Meisam Farrokhifar; David PozoDesign and Experimental Validation of an FPGA-based PMU Simultaneously Compliant with P and M Performance ClassesAsja Derviškadić; Mario PaoloneA Robust Dynamic Line Rating Monitoring System through State Estimation and Bad Data AnalysisSamir Walker Fernandes; Mauro Augusto da Rosa; Diego IssicabaPMU-based Linear State Estimation of Lausanne Subtransmission Network: Experimental ValidationLorenzo Zanni; Asja Derviškadić; Marco Pignati; Chenxi Xu; Paolo Romano; Rachid Cherkaoui; Ali Abur; Mario Paolone
Power QualityJose M. Maza-OrtegaA convex model for induction motor starting transients imbedded in an OPF-based optimization problemHossein Sekhavatmanesh; Justino Miguel Rodrigues; Carlos Moreira; João Peças Lopes; Rachid CherkaouiOptimizing Line-Voltage-Regulators with regard to Power QualityMara Holt; Christian RehtanzGeneralized Multiport Representation of Power Systems Using ABCD Parameters for Harmonic Stability AnalysisAleksandra Lekic; Jef BeertenEvaluating Short Circuit Indices in an Integrated Assessment of Distribution System Adequacy and Power QualityGabriel Bolacell; Lucas Venturini; Mauro Rosa; Diego IssicabaProbabilistic Assessment of Voltage Quality on Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging StationJorge Henrique Angelim; Carolina AffonsoOn the Impact of Different Voltage Unbalance Metrics in Distribution System OptimizationKshitij Girigoudar; Line Roald TSO-DSO CoordinationFederico SilvestroA Review on TSO-DSO Coordination Models and Solution TechniquesArthur Goncalves Givisiez; Kyriacos Petrou; Luis F. OchoaTSO-DSO coordination to acquire services from distribution grids: simulations, cost benefit analysis and regulatory conclusions from the SmartNet projectMarco Rossi; Gianluigi Milgiavacca; Giacomo Viganò; Dario Siface; Carlos Madina; Inés Gomez; Ivana Kockar; Andrei MorchOn the development of Organized Nodal Local Energy Markets and a Framework for the TSO-DSO CoordinationAlex Papalexopoulos; Rod Frowd; Alexios BirbasSiting and Sizing of Energy Storage Systems: Towards a Unified Approach for Transmission and Distribution System Operators for Reserve Provision and Grid SupportStefano Massucco; Paola Pongiglione; Federico Silvestro; Mario Paolone; Fabrizio SossanReactive Power Support Adequacy at the DSO/TSO InterfaceStefan Stankovic; Zita Hagemann; Lennart Söder; Christian Rehtanz
Massive Integration of Renewable Energy ResourcesFlorin CapitanescuStochastic Modeling of Tidal Generation for Transient Stability Analysis: A Case Study based on the All-Island Irish Transmission SystemGuðrún Margrét Jónsdóttir; Federico MilanoOptimized Control of Variable Speed Hydropower for Provision of Fast Frequency ReservesTor Inge Reigstad; Kjetil UhlenEvaluating Reactive Power Reserves Scarcity During the Energy Transition Toward 100% Renewable SupplyFlorin CapitanescuA Combined High-, Medium-, and Low-Voltage Test System for Stability Studies with DERsFrancisco Escobar; Jorge García; Juan Víquez; Gustavo Valverde; Petros AristidouProbabilistic Analysis of Masked Loads with Aggregated Photovoltaic ProductionShaohui Liu; Daniel Maldonado; Emil ConstantinescuHedging power market risk by investing in self-production from complementing renewable sourcesRenata Pedrini; Erlon Cristian Finardi; Dorel Soares Ramos Optimization of Distribution NetworksDirk Van HertemBalancibility: Existence and Uniqueness of Power Flow Solutions under Voltage Balance RequirementsBowen Li; Bai Cui; Feng Qiu; Daniel MolzahnControl of Distribution Grids with Storage using Nested Benders’ DecompositionMarco Giuntoli; Milos Subasic; Susanne SchmittComparison of Linear and Conic Power Flow Formulations for Unbalanced Low Voltage Network OptimizationMarta Vanin; Hakan Ergun; Reinhilde D'hulst; Dirk Van HertemImpact of P2P Trading on Distributed Generation Curtailment in Constrained Distribution NetworksMark Jenkins; Ivana KockarPowerModelsDistribution.jl: An Open-Source Framework for Exploring Distribution Power Flow FormulationsDavid Fobes; Sander Claeys; Frederik Geth; Carleton CoffrinExperiences developing large-scale synthetic U.S.-style distribution test systemsBryan Palmintier; Tarek Elgindy; Carlos Mateo; Fernando Postigo; Tomas Gomez; Fernando de Cuadra; Pablo Duenas Martinez
Power Systems and Electro-MobilityEnrique AchaProbabilistic Planning of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations in an Integrated Electricity-Transport SystemRaziye Aghapour; Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian; Hamidreza Arasteh; Vahid Vahidinasab; João CatalãoGrid-aware Distributed Control of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Active Distribution GridsSherif Fahmy; Rahul Kumar Gupta; Mario PaoloneSensitivity Analysis of Electric Vehicle Impact on Low-Voltage Distribution GridsJochen Stiasny; Thierry Zufferey; Giacomo Pareschi; Damiano Toffanin; Gabriela Hug; Konstantinos BoulouchosOptimum Day-ahead Bidding Profiles of Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations in FCR MarketsPoria Hasanpor Divshali; Corentin EvensClassification of Electric Vehicle Charging Time Series with Selective ClusteringChenxi Sun; Tongxin Li; Steven Low; Victor O.K. LiPricing EV Charging Service with Demand ChargeZachary J. Lee; John Z. F. Pang; Steven H. Low Transmission Planning and Operation under Market ConditionsKeith BellImpact assessment of a minimum threshold on cross-zonal capacity in a flow-based marketPierre Henneaux; Panagiotis Lamprinakos; Gauthier de Maere d'Aertrycke; Karim KarouiComputing a Nodal Power Exchange Matrix based on a Nodal Reactance MatrixBastiaan Cijsouw; Susana Almeida de Graaff; Jasper van CasterenAssessing the value of increasing GB interconnectionWaqquas Bukhsh; Callum MacIver; Keith BellTowards the Construction of a Class of Grid Operational Flexibility MetricsAdriano Lima Abrantes; George GrossUsing Utility Outage Statistics to Quantify Improvements in Bulk Power System ResilienceMolly Rose Kelly-Gorham; Paul D.H. Hines; Kai Zhou; Ian DobsonBenchmarking the Operational Expenditures of Brazilian Transmission Utilities by using DEA ModelsJosé Pessanha; Albert Melo
Optimal Power FlowCarleton CoffrinThe Near-Optimal Feasible Space of a Renewable Power System ModelFabian Neumann; Tom BrownOptimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks under Stochastic N − 1 DisruptionsHaoxiang Yang; Harsha NagarajanAn Exact and Scalable Problem Decomposition for Security-Constrained Optimal Power FlowAlexandre Velloso; Pascal Van Hentenryck; Emma JohnsonProving Global Optimality of ACOPF SolutionsSmitha Gopinath; Hassan Hijazi; Tillmann Weisser; Harsha Nagarajan; Mertcan Yetkin; Kaarthik Sundar; Russell BentToward a Scalable Robust Security-Constrained Optimal Power Flow Using a Proximal Projection Bundle MethodBrian Dandurand; Kibaek Kim; Michel SchanenComputational Experiment Design for Operations Model SimulationJose Daniel Lara; Jonathan T. Lee; Duncan Callaway; Bri-Mathias HodgeSeparation event-constrained optimal power flow to enhance resilience in low-inertia power systemsSebastián Püschel-Løvengreen; Mehdi Ghazavi Dozein; Steven Low; Pierluigi Mancarella
Thursday, 2 July 2020
Survey Paper: Fundamentals of Power Systems Modelling in the Presence of Converter-Interfaced GenerationMario Paolone, Therry Van Cutsem, Costas Vournas, Xavier GuillaudFundamentals of Power Systems Modelling in the Presence of Converter-Interfaced GenerationMario Paolone; Trevor Gaunt; Xavier Guillaud; Marco Liserre; Sakis Meliopoulos; Antonello Monti; Thierry Van Cutsem; Vijay Vittal; Costas Vournas
Economics, Energy Markets, and Regulation IAnthony PapavasiliouHVDC Loss Factors in the Nordic Power MarketAndrea Tosatto; Spyros ChatzivasileiadisAn Incentive Mechanism for Generation Capacity Investment in a Price-Capped Wholesale Power MarketEgill Tómasson; Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh; Darryl R. Biggar; Lennart SöderHourly Pricing and Day-Ahead Dispatch Setting in Brazil: The DESSEM ModelTiago Norbiato dos Santos; Andre Luiz Diniz; Carlos Henrique Saboia; Renato Neves Cabral; Luis Fernando CerqueiraA Column-and-Constraint Generation Algorithm to Find Nash Equilibrium in Pool-Based Electricity MarketsBruno Fanzeres; Alexandre Street; David PozoUnlocking Reserves with Smart Transmission SwitchingRaphael Saavedra; Alexandre Street; José Manuel ArroyoRisk- and Variance-Aware Electricity PricingRobert Mieth; Jip Kim; Yury Dvorkin Maintenance and Expansion PlanningWolfram WellssowTowards planning for flexible future grids under high power injection diversityAdonis Emmanuel Tio; David John Hill; Jin MaGrid optimization-based outage maintenance planningGuillaume Crognier; Pascal Tournebise; Manuel Ruiz; Patrick PanciaticiCo-Optimization of Multi-Stage Transmission Expansion Planning and Grid OperationMarco Franken; Alexander B. Schrief; Hans Barrios; Ralf Puffer; Albert MoserRobust Nonlinear Mathematical Transmission Expansion Planning based on German Electricity Market SimulationDavid Sebastian Stock; Yannic Harms; Denis Mende; Lutz HofmannRelaxations and approximations of HVdc grid TNEP problemJaykumar Dave; Hakan Ergun; Dirk Van HertemA GIS-based approach for high-level distribution networks expansion planning in normal and contingency operation considering reliabilityAlessandro Bosisio; Alberto Berizzi; Edoardo Amaldi; Cristian Bovo; Andrea Morotti; Bartolomeo Greco; Gaetano Iannarelli
Electromagnetic Transients on a SystemJean MahseredjianInterpolation for Power Electronic Circuit Simulation Revisited with Matrix Exponential and Dense OutputsPeng Li; Zixiang Meng; Xiaopeng Fu; Hao Yu; Chengshan WangFrequency-Dependent Equivalent Based on Idempotent Decomposition and GroupingAntonio Lima; Felipe Camara; Joao P.L. Salvador; Teresa Correia de BarrosA Voltage-Based Detection Method for Lightning Discharges at Distribution NetworksLívia Fonseca Ribeiro; Miguel Moreto; Arlan Luiz Bettiol; Douglas B. S. Figueiredo; Igor K. KhairallaSimulation of Electromagnetic Transients with Modelica, Accuracy and Performance Assessment for Transmission Line ModelsAlireza Masoom; Tarek Ould-Bachir; Jean Mahseredjian; Adrien Guironnet; Ni DingPassivity Enforcement of Wideband Line Model through Coupled Perturbation of Residues and PolesJuan Becerra; Ilhan Kocar; Keyhan Sheshyekani; Jean MahseredjianHigh Performance Computing Engines for the FPGA-based Simulation of the ULMTarek Ould-Bachir; Hossein Chalangar; Keyhan Sheshyekani; Jean Mahseredjian Power System Reliability and SecurityEfthymios KarangelosAssessment of Generation Adequacy by Modeling a Joint Probability Distribution ModelMarie-Louise KloubertAccelerating System Adequacy Assessment using the Multilevel Monte Carlo ApproachSimon Tindemans; Goran StrbacInvestigation on the Suitability of Equivalent Models of Subtransmission Level for Security Analyses at Transmission LevelSebastian Liemann; Marco Greve; Simon Ohrem; Marc Linders; Theresa Noll; Christian RehtanzDynamic Security Regions in Power Systems with Active Overexcitation LimitersRebecca L Sinder; Tatiana M L AssisVoltage Stability Based Placement of Distributed Generation Against Extreme EventsAli Abur; Ahmet OnerElectrical Grid Resilience Framework with UncertaintyPhylicia Cicilio; Lisa Swartz; Bjorn Vaagensmith; Craig Rieger; Jake Gentle; Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez; Timothy McJunkin
Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Modeling and ControlPedro MS CarvalhoMinimum-time Secure Rollout of Software Updates for Controllable Power LoadsMarcial Guerra de Medeiros; Kin Cheong Sou; Henrik SandbergComplementarity Reformulations for False Data Injection Attacks on PMU-only State EstimationTheodoros Alexopoulos; George Korres; Nikolaos ManousakisFully Distributed Peer-to-Peer Optimal Voltage Control with Minimal Model RequirementsLukas Ortmann; Alexander Prostejovsky; Kai Heussen; Saverio BolognaniPrivacy-Preserving Obfuscation for Distributed Power SystemsTerrence W.K. Mak; Ferdinando Fioretto; Pascal Van HentenryckA3D: Attention-based Auto-encoder Anomaly Detector for False Data Injection AttacksArnav Kundu; Abhijeet Sahu; Erchin Serpedin; Katherine DavisEnergy Resource Control via Privacy Preserving DataXiao Chen; Thomas Navidi; Ram Rajagopal Uncertainty Management and Stochastic Optimization IILine RoaldA Robust Optimization Approach for Protecting Power Systems against Cascading BlackoutsChao Zhai; Hung D. Nguyen; Gaoxi XiaoRobust Transmission Expansion Planning with Uncertain Generations and Loads using Full Probabilistic InformationCristina Roldán; Roberto Mínguez; Raquel García-BertrandOn Polynomial Real-Time Control Policies in Stochastic AC Optimal Power FlowTillmann Muehlpfordt; Line Roald; Sidhant Misra; Veit Hagenmeyer; Timm FaulwasserEfficient Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Uncertainty Quantification in Power SystemsDavid Metivier; Marc Vuffray; Sidhant MisraAlgorithms for Mitigating the Effect of Uncertain Geomagnetic Disturbances in Electric GridsMinseok Ryu; Harsha Nagarajan; Russell BentBayesian Hierarchical Methods for Modeling Electrical Grid Component FailuresLaurel Dunn; Ioanna Kavvada; Mathilde Badoual; Scott Moura
Survey Paper: Big Data Analytics for Future Electricity GridsMladen Kezunovic, Pierre PinsonBig Data Analytics for Future Electricity GridsMladen Kezunovic; Pierre Pinson; Zoran Obradovic; Santiago Grijalva; Tao Hong; Ricardo Bessa
Flexible DemandJohanna MathieuExperimental Validation of Feedback Optimization in Power Distribution GridsLukas Ortmann; Adrian Hauswirth; Ivo Caduff; Florian Dörfler; Saverio BolognaniApplication of Demand Response to Improve Voltage Regulation with High DG PenetrationChittesh Veni Chandran; Malabika Basu; Keith Sunderland; Shivananda Pukhrem; João CatalãoA Method for Ensuring a Load Aggregator’s Power Deviations Are Safe for Distribution NetworksStephanie Ross; Johanna MathieuFlexibility from Networks of Data Centers: A Market Clearing Formulation with Virtual LinksWeiqi Zhang; Line Roald; Andrew Chien; John Birge; Victor ZavalaData-Driven Learning and Load Ensemble ControlAli Hassan; Deepjyoti Deka; Michael Chertkov; Yury DvorkinAnalysis of Synchronization in Load EnsemblesMd Salman Nazir; Ian Hiskens Multi-Period OptimizationJalal KazempourHydrothermal Scheduling in the Continuous-Time FrameworkChristian Naversen; Arild Helseth; Bosong Li; Masood Parvania; Hossein Farahmand; João CatalãoGlobal Solution of Economic Dispatch with Valve Point Effects and Transmission ConstraintsLoïc Van Hoorebeeck; P.-A. Absil; Anthony PapavasiliouAn Improved Algorithm for Single-Unit Commitment with Ramping LimitsRogier Wuijts; Marjan van den Akker; Machteld van den BroekUnit-Commitment via Logarithmic Aggregated Convex Combination in Multi-Unit Hydro PlantsBrunno H. Brito; Erlon C. Finardi; Fabrício Y. K. TakigawaStochastic multi-period optimal dispatch of energy storage in unbalanced distribution feedersNawaf Nazir; Mads AlmassalkhiA Real-Time Optimization with Warm-Start of Multiperiod AC Optimal Power FlowsYoungdae Kim; Mihai Anitescu
Power Systems as Part of Multi-Energy SystemsPierluigi MancarellaOptimal Power and Gas Flow for Large-scale Transmission SystemsLukas Löhr; Raphaël Houben; Albert MoserSimulating services from cross-domain components in integrated energy systemsThibaut Richert; Tue JensenAn adversarial model for attack vector vulnerability analysis on power and gas delivery operationsIgnacio Losada Carreno; Anna Scaglione; Anatoly Zlotnik; Deepjyoti Deka; Kaarthik SundarN-k Interdiction Modeling for Natural Gas NetworksMareldi Ahumada Paras; Kaarthik Sundar; Russell Bent; Anatoly ZlotnikCoordination of Electricity, Heat, and Natural Gas Systems Accounting for Network FlexibilityAnna Schwele; Adriano Arrigo; Charlotte Vervaeren; Jalal Kazempour; Francois ValleeOptimization of Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plants for Providing Multiple Market and Local Network ServicesJames Naughton; Han Wang; Shariq Riaz; Michael Cantoni; Pierluigi Mancarella
Friday, 3 July 2020
Stability and Control of Inverter-Based GenerationMario PaoloneCurrent Limiting Algorithms and Transient Stability Analysis of Grid-Forming VSCsTaoufik Qoria; François Gruson; Fréderic Colas; Xaiver Kestelyn; Xavier GuillaudIndependent Channel Design Approach for Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected ConvertersGustavo Pinares; Massimo BongiornoChattering-Free Modelling and Simulation of Power Systems with Inclusion of Filippov TheoryMohammed Ahsan Adib Murad; Federico MilanoReduced-Order Modeling of Inverter-Based Generation using Hybrid Singular PerturbationIvo Caduff; Uros Markovic; Ciaran Roberts; Gabriela Hug; Evangelos Vrettos Voltage Stability and ControlCostas VournasVoltage Stability Assessment Accounting for Current-Limited ConvertersBahtiyar Can Karatas; Moumita Sarkar; Hjörtur Jóhannsson; Arne Hejde Nielsen; Poul Ejnar SørensenVoltage Stability Support Offered by Active Distribution NetworksGiorgos Prionistis; Theodoros Souxes; Costas VournasPower Factor Improvement by Active Distribution Networks During Voltage Emergency SituationsLuis David Pabon Ospina; Thierry Van CutsemControl of Pervasive Domestic-Scale Inverters for Minimizing Total Feeder PowerMatthew Deakin; Thomas Morstyn; Malcolm McCulloch
Economics, Energy Markets, and Regulation IIAnastasios BakirtzisNetwork-aware Co-optimisation of Residential DER in Energy and FCAS MarketsAhmad Attarha; Paul Scott; Sylvie ThiebauxStabilizing Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Prosumer Coalition Through Computational Efficient PricingJing Li; Yujian Ye; Goran StrbacMitigating the impact of distributed PV in a low-voltage grid using electricity tariffsJordan Holweger; Lionel Bloch; Christophe Ballif; Nicolas WyrschMarket parameters dependent indices for competition evaluation in electricity marketMarina Dolmatova; Dmitry Kozlovskiy; Olga Khrustaleva; Tatiana Sultanova; Alexander VasinExploring the Effects of Local Energy Markets on Electricity Retailers and CustomersDawei Qiu; Yujian Ye; Dimitrios Papadaskalopoulos Power Electronics and HVDC as Part of a Power SystemXavier GuillaudIncorporation of Active Power Ancillary Services into VSC-HVDC Connected Energy SourcesSurat Asvapoositkul; John Fradley; Robin PreeceImpact of PLL Dynamics on the Small-Signal Stability of the MMC using Dynamic Phasor Modeling in the ABC FrameOzgur Can Sakinci; Jef BeertenOn Control and Balancing of Rigid Bipolar MMC-HVdc Links Enabling Subsystem-Independent Power TransferCarolin Hirsching; Max Goertz; Simon Wenig; Simon Beckler; Michael Suriyah; Thomas LeibfriedStudy of Resonance Issues between DFIG-based Offshore Wind Farm and HVDC TransmissionYonggang Zhang; Christian Klabunde; Martin WolterEffect of Voltage Source Converters with Electrochemical Storage Systems on Dynamics of Reduced-inertia Bulk Power GridsYihui Zuo; Mario Paolone; Fabrizio SossanClassification and Dynamic Assessment of Droop-Based Grid-Forming Control Schemes: Application in HVDC SystemsEbrahim Rokrok; Taoufik Qoria; Antoine Bruyere; Bruno Francois; Xavier Guillaud
Demand Forecasting via Machine LearningSpyros ChatzivasileiadisModeling Load Forecast Uncertainty Using Generative Adversarial NetworksYi Wang; Gabriela Hug; Zijie Liu; Ning ZhangA Deep Learning Method for Forecasting Residual Market CurvesAlex Coronati; José Ricardo Andrade; Ricardo BessaHierarchical Demand Forecasting Benchmark for the Distribution GridLorenzo Nespoli; Vasco Medici; Kristijan Lopatichki; Fabrizio SossanMultiple Households Very Short-Term Load Forecasting using Bayesian NetworksMichel Bessani; Julio Massignan; Talysson M. O. Santos; João London Jr.; Carlos Maciel Operation and Control of MicrogridsJohanna MyrzikIdentification of Critical Clusters in Inverter-based MicrogridsAndrey Gorbunov; Petr Vorobev ; Jimmy PengImpact of Wind Turbine Generator Technologies and Frequency Controls on the Stable Operation of Medium Voltage Islanded MicrogridsDominik Willenberg; Alexander Winkens; Philipp LinnartzAggregation of Component-Based Grid-Feeding DER and Load Models for Simulation of Microgrid Islanding TransientsMartijn Roos; Phuong Nguyen; Johan Morren; Han SlootwegThree-level Hierarchical Microgrid Control — Model Development and Laboratory ImplementationMateo Beus; Frederik Banis; Hrvoje Pandžić; Niels Kjølstad PoulsenController Hardware in the Loop Testing of Microgrid Secondary Frequency Control SchemesSiddhartha Nigam; Olaoluwapo Ajala; Alejandro Dominguez-García; Peter Sauer
Blackout Prevention, System Resilience, and RestorationAndrea PittoIslanding and Dynamic Reconfiguration for Resilience Enhancement of Active Dstribution SystemsJianchun Xu; Tingting Zhang; Yaxin Du; Wen Zhang; Tianyou Yang; Jifu QiuA quantitative methodology to assess the process of service and infrastructure recovery in power systemsEmanuele Ciapessoni; Diego Cirio; Andrea Pitto; Marino SfornaOPF-based Under Frequency Load Shedding Predicting the Dynamic Frequency TrajectoryQuentin Walger; Yihui Zuo; Asja Derviškadić; Guglielmo Frigo; Mario PaoloneAdaptive Underfrequency Load Shedding in Systems with Renewable Energy Sources and Storage CapabilitySamuel Silva Junior; Tatiana AssisPowerModelsRestoration.jl: An Open-Source Framework for Exploring Power Network Restoration AlgorithmsNoah Rhodes; David Fobes; Carleton Coffrin; Line RoaldCoupled Transmission and Distribution Simulations to Assess Distributed Generation Response to Power System FaultsRichard Kenyon; Barry Mather; Bri-Mathias Hodge Mathematical and Computational Issues in Modeling and SimulationAntonio Gomez ExpositoThe Optimal Admittance Matrix Problem in DC NetworksYue Song; David J. Hill; Tao LiuClosing the Loop: Dynamic State Estimation and Feedback Optimization of Power GridsMiguel Picallo; Saverio Bolognani; Florian DörflerSparse and Numerically Stable Implementation of a Distribution System State Estimation based on Multifrontal QR FactorizationGustavo Hebling; Julio Massignan; João London Junior; Marcos CamilloRobust Event-Driven Dynamic Simulation using Power FlowAayushya Agarwal; Amritanshu Pandey; Larry PileggiCertification and Prediction of Post-Disturbance States in Dynamic Security AssessmentBai Cui; Rui Yao; Feng QiuTime and Voltage Domain Load Models for Appliance-level Grid Edge Simulation and ControlAaron Goldin; Elizabeth Buechler; Ram Rajagopal; Juan M. Rivas Davila
Aggregation of Distributed Energy ResourcesJohanna MathieuCoordinating Strategic Aggregators in an Active Distribution Network for Providing Operational FlexibilityMohammad Rayati; Mokhtar Bozorg; Rachid CherkaouiA Distributionally Robust Bidding Strategy for a Wind-storage AggregatorXuejiao Han; Gabriela HugIncentive-Based Load Shifting Dynamics and Aggregators Response PredictabilityPedro Carvalho; José Peres; Luís Ferreira; Marija Ilic; Rupamathi Jaddivada; Michelle LauerEnergy-based stochastic MPC for integrated electricity-hydrogen VPP in real-time marketsRiccardo Remo Appino; Han Wang; Jorge Ángel González Ordiano; Timm Faulwasser; Ralf Mikut; Veit Hagenmeyer; Pierluigi Mancarella Physics-Informed Machine LearningMichael ChertkovDynamic State and Parameter Estimation of Synchronous Generator from Digital Relay RecordsKiran Kumar Challa; Gurunath GurralaLearning Model of Generator from Terminal DataNikolay Stulov; Dejan Sobajic; Yury Maximov; Deepjyoti Deka; Michael ChertkovInterleaving Physics- and Data-Driven Models for Power System Transient DynamicsAlex Stankovic; Andrija Saric; Mark Transtrum; Andrija SaricData-Driven Optimal Voltage Regulation Using Input Convex Neural NetworksYize Chen; Yuanyuan Shi; Baosen Zhang
Panel: Translating Power Systems Research into PracticeKeith Bell, Daniel MolzahnPanelists:
Tom Overbye (Texas A&M University)
Andreas Ulbig (Adaptricity)
Britta Buchholz (ABB)
Susana de Graaff (TenneT)
Closing SessionAnjan Bose, Chair, PSCC Executive BoardInvitation to PSCC 2022:
João Pecas Lopes, Chair, Local Organizing Committee

Closing of PSCC2020:
Jay Giri, President of PSCC 2020


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